All Collagen Supplements Are Not Created Equal

While it stands to reason that collagen supplementation is a good idea for great hair, skin and nails, the data proving efficacy has been lacking…….until Beauty Focus + became available in the US since September 2021.

Beauty Focus + has clinical proven collagen peptides

VERISOL a formulation of collagen that has been broken down into just the right sized peptides for optimal absorption and uptake by fibroblasts, the collagen producing cells that provide a skin with volume and stretchiness. From the time we are 20 yrs old, we are losing collagen, faster if you smoke ( or ever have smoked), get too much UV exposure to your skin and don’t provide your body with enough free radical quenching anti-oxidants.

Want to slow down aging… aka loss of collagen?

Take Beauty Focus + collagen. Want to get the best results from regenerative therapies such as Morpheus, Bellafill, Sculptra, PDO threads, any treatment with the goal of increasing collagen production? Take Beauty Focus + collagen. While other products may have more collagen by weight, this formulation, combined with Lutein and phytoceramides can help you take care of the skin you’re in!