You know you can’t stop the aging process, but you take good care of yourself to look and feel your best. You avoid smoking, exercise daily and eat a balanced diet. You feel like you were on the right track until you hit your forties. Everything has changed now. Even though you are not doing anything different in your routine, your body has other ideas.

You are crushed by a fatigue that won’t go away, no matter how much you sleep, and your strength is waning as well. You are irritable and there is no reason for your emotional upheaval. Your libido has disappeared as well. You don’t feel like yourself anymore. Bio-identical hormones could help you to manage the changes that are brought on during the aging process.

Understanding the Need for Bio-Identical Hormones

Whether you are a man or a woman, your hormones play a vital role in regulating your body and maintaining your sense of well-being. Your hormones that are connected to sexual reproduction are especially significant. They do more than help your reproductive system. They play a part in bone strength, regulating your metabolism and maintaining high energy levels, not to mention balancing your moods.

During your twenties, reproductive hormone levels are at their peak. As you get older, they will begin to decrease. You may notice this change around the age of 40 and beyond. While some people do not seem to be affected by these fluctuations in hormones, others may feel like their world has been turned upside down. Bio-identical hormones can help you to manage your symptoms.

How Do Bio-Identical Hormones Work?

Bio-identical hormones are formulated to mimic the hormones in your body. They generally come from plant sources and are natural. When they are used consistently and at levels that meet your needs, you can begin to feel like yourself again. Your hormone deficiencies can be corrected, helping you to find your energy and emotional balance once again.

You will feel stronger, find that it is easier to maintain your weight again and you will notice a return of your sexual drive. You might not be able to stop those years from flying by, but you can feel better as you age.

What are Your Options for Bio-Identical Hormones?

To find out more about bio-identical hormones and if they will work for you, talk to our board-certified doctor at MD Age Management in Winter Park. We proudly serve Winter Park, Orlando and surrounding areas. Before you can begin bio-identical hormone replacement, our doctor will need to evaluate you. Blood work can pinpoint any deficiencies in your hormone levels and give our doctor a base line.

If it is determined that you can benefit from bio-identical hormone therapy, our doctor will prescribe the best option for you. You will be monitored periodically to adjust your hormones levels when necessary. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment to learn more about the benefits of bio-identical hormone treatment.

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