5 FAQs about “Botox” (Botox Cosmetic, Dysport and Xeomin)

Dr Horton shares the answers to 5 commonly asked questions about “Botox”
  1. Am I a good candidate for botox? By the time we reach our 30’s many of us have started to develop facial creases- the frown lines between our eyes, the crow’s feet at the corners of our eyes or the horizontal lines on our forehead. These facial lines and wrinkles come from the creasing of the skin by overactive muscles of facial expression- smiling and frowning. When we start to lose elasticity in our skin from aging and sun damage- as early as in our 30s- these creases become permanent and visible both with facial expressions and at rest. The neuromodulators of Botox Cosmetic, Dysport and Xeomin work best when started early to treat the muscles of facial expression before the lines become permanent. And after treating patients in their 30s with botox they continue to look great on into their 40s. For those patients who are older and the lines are deeper, additional skin rejuvenation treatments will compliment botox to achieve a more youthful facial appearance. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.
  2. Is botox safe for me? With very few exceptions, this is safe for everyone. Millions of  people around the world have been treated with these agents safely and effectively. The three commercially available botulinum toxins used in aesthetic medicine are all produced in laboratories with strict manufacturing and dosing standards. The neuromodulators like Botox Cosmetic are now used to treat other medical conditions such as severe muscle spasms, excessive sweating, overactive bladders and migraine headaches. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.
  3. How much does botox cost and how often do I have to come in for treatment? There are three primary areas I treat with the different “botox neuromodulators- the frown lines, the crow’s feet and the forehead lines. Each of these primary treatment areas usually require between 20-30 units of this cosmetic treatment and at MD Age Management one treatment area may cost $250- $360 depending on the size of the facial muscles and the number of units used. Some of my patients have very strong muscles of facial expression and need more botox. For the first year I recommend coming in for treatment every 3-4 months. In the second year many of my patients can stretch out the treatment interval to every 6 months. Going longer between treatments is not a good idea as the muscle activity can return and further crease the skin effectively undoing your earlier treatments.
  4. Can botox prevent lines and wrinkles? Absolutely Yes!  If you start neuromodulator treatments early — before lines and creases are present at rest — and you take care of your skin with good cleansing, hydration and protection — you can minimize lines and wrinkles.
  5. Is botox Really Worth It? The neuromodulators of Botox Cosmetic, Dysport and Xeomin provide an amazing value for my patients. No other single aesthetic medicine treatment makes such a difference in the way my patients feel when they look in the mirror. Looking refreshed and relaxed helps my patients look confident and happy. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.