As the body ages, gravity works against our aesthetic goals by pulling skin southward. Fortunately, there are solutions in plastic surgery that can combat the undesirable effects of loose and sagging skin caused by weight loss, aging, and childbirth in women. One option that people use to restore the skin’s elasticity and a youthful appearance is TriPollar®. This procedure uses radiofrequency to tighten skin and generally give you a more aesthetically pleasing shape. TriPollar® is a popular treatment for those who want a quick and easy solution to achieving their cosmetic goals.

How TriPollar® Works

The procedure uses radiofrequency energy to target both the inner and outer layers of your skin. The inner layers receive gentle heat generated by the radiofrequency waves, which is where collagen is located. When collagen gets heated by an external source, its strands pull together, and the skin is ultimately tightened. To achieve the maximum effect, a series of treatment sessions is usually required.

Who Can Benefit From TriPollar®?

The best candidates for TriPollar® are individuals who have problem areas of sagging skin or excess skin that they’d like to eliminate in certain areas. Subsequent treatment sessions will produce the most noticeable effects.

Going For Your First Appointment

It’s common to be apprehensive about a cosmetic procedure or treatment, but you need not worry about coming to our office for a TriPollar® treatment. The experience, many patients report, is actually pleasant. Some people have even fallen asleep during the treatment. The procedure is performed in the comfort of our office.

There is no downtime associated with this procedure, which means that it can be done between your daily activities. With each treatment session, you’ll get closer to getting the contoured body of your dreams.

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