Benefits of PDO Threads it can be a challenge to look in the mirror and not recognize the person who is looking back at you. In your mind, you may see yourself as the young, energetic, vibrant individual you were 10 or 15 years ago. You may internally feel the same, but externally you may look a lot older.

PDO threads Korea is a treatment that was first pioneered in Korea. The goal is to help you look the same on the outside as you feel on the inside. After gaining popularity in Korea, PDO threads became recognized in Europe and quickly spread throughout the world.

The treatment is very basic. Soluble threads are implanted under a person’s skin. Over time, the threads dissolve. This action causes the growth of collagen and other compounds in the body that heal and rejuvenate skin. After treatment, a person will see that their skin is smoother, has fewer wrinkles, has become tightened, and is stronger.

The benefits of PDO Threads are monofilament fibers. The threads are very smooth and do not have any jagged edges or recesses that would allow bacterial growth. They are designed to travel smoothly through the tissue, which eliminates the risk of structural damage. The threads generally take between 180 days to 200 days to dissolve.

The use of PDO threads in cosmetic surgery is not new. They have been used not only in cosmetic surgery but also in general surgery and gynecology for decades. The material used in these threads is neutral, and so it does not cause any allergic reaction.

The majority of patients who use PDO threads are in their mid-thirties. These are individuals who are seeing the signs of aging on their face for the first time and who want to take immediate action. There is no upper age limit for when a person can use this product.

PDO threads provide a very natural change to a person’s facial features. They are not designed to increase the volume of a person’s face. However, they can decrease the appearance of wrinkles and cause the corners of the mouth to lift up.

PDO threads have been used on individuals who do not like the results they get from BOTOX® when it comes to treating their crow’s feet. PDO threads all but eliminates wrinkles around the eyes. At times, PDO threads are used in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments and topical medicines to enhance the power of this treatment.

The advantages of PDO threads as treatment include the fact that they are very safe, they do not leave scars, the procedure can be repeated as needed, the threads are so thin and so smooth that the patient does not feel them, the procedure is highly effective and PDO threads can be used in any part of the body.

PDO threads provide an exciting alternative to dermal fillers and other injectables for individuals who are looking to maintain their youthful appearance while at the same time avoiding surgery.

Serving the PDO threads Orlando area, MD Age Management in Winter Park proudly offers PDO threads as a safe way for patients to look and feel younger. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more.

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