CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved, non-invasive fat removal method. Sometimes referred to as cryolipolysis, this treatment freezes subcutaneous fat cells so your lymphatic system can sweep them up and flush them out. We offer this treatment at MD Age Management in Winter Park, FL because we believe everyone has the right to feel confident in their appearance but not everyone can afford surgery. Read on to discover if you can freeze fat for permanent weight loss.

Does Freezing Fat Cause Permanent Weight Loss?

No, freezing fat does not cause permanent weight loss. Your weight is dependent on several factors, including how much water you are retaining, your skeletal muscle mass, and how much fat you have in your body. When you freeze fat with CoolSculpting, you achieve permanent fat loss. However, if you eat at a caloric surplus after treatment, the fat cells that remain in the treatment area can expand to store the excess energy for use as fuel in the event of a caloric deficit.

How Effective Is This Treatment?

This treatment is extremely effective. If you’re treating a large area, like your chest, abdomen, or back, you can expect roughly 26% of the fat cells in the area to be removed. If you are treating a small area, like your underarms or the backs of your knees, up to 80% of the localized subcutaneous fat cells can be removed with each treatment session. You may need between one and six treatment sessions to see your desired results depending on your:

  • Weight
  • Current contours
  • Goals


How Soon Can I See My Desired Results?

You can expect to start seeing your desired results roughly six to eight weeks after your first treatment session. It can take two to three months after your final treatment session to achieve your desired results. Generally, treatment sessions are spaced six to eight weeks apart. Waiting this long between treatment sessions allows us to see how your results are progressing and determine whether one or more follow-up sessions are necessary for ideal results.

Can I Target Multiple Areas in a Single Session?

Yes, you can target several areas for fat removal during a single cryolipolysis session. However, you should bear in mind that the more areas you target in a single session, the longer each treatment session will take. If you’re only trying to freeze fat from one area of the body, your session may only take 15 or 20 minutes to complete. However, your session may take an hour or longer if you are targeting three or four areas for treatment.

Keep in mind that the number of areas you are treating is not the only factor affecting how long your treatment session will take. Another factor affecting the length of your treatment session is the size of the areas being targeted. As a general rule, the larger your targeted areas are, the longer your treatment session will take. However, if there is little excess fat in a large area, it may be treated faster than a relatively smaller area with a lot of excess fat.

What Can I Expect During My Treatment Session?

You can expect to remain comfortable throughout your entire treatment session. The cryolipolysis device will cool your skin slowly and gently.

Am I a Good CoolSculpting Candidate?

Most adults with excess subcutaneous fat deposits are considered a good candidate for cryolipolysis. Nonetheless, you need to attend an initial evaluation with an aesthetic expert to find out for sure whether this treatment will be safe and effective for you. Regarding the efficacy of this treatment, you should know that you may not qualify if there isn’t a lot of excess subcutaneous fat in your areas of concern.

For example, you may have a lot of abdominal fat affecting your appearance. However, if you have visceral fat rather than subcutaneous fat, this treatment will not be effective. As a general rule, there should be at least an inch of pinchable fat for an area to qualify for treatment. If you don’t have a whole inch of pinchable fat, there is a chance this treatment will not be effective. Furthermore, there is a chance this treatment won’t be effective if there’s too much fat in an area.

Who Is This Treatment Not Safe for?

This treatment is not safe for individuals who suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome or any other condition that causes extreme sensitivity to the cold. Other contraindications include uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, severe varicose veins, and dermatitis. Note, this treatment is not recommended for breastfeeding or pregnant women.

Discover Today If You Can Freeze Fat From the Contours You Struggle With

Most people can freeze fat from contours they’re struggling with safely and effectively. However, CoolSculpting is not right for everyone. This safe, effective treatment results in permanent fat loss, but it does not result in permanent weight loss. If you’re in the Orlando, FL area and think this treatment might be right for you, book an evaluation with us now at MD Age Management in Winter Park, FL. You’re never too old to sculpt your ideal contours, and we can help.

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