I tell my patients that after the face and neck, the hands are the cosmetic unit that if left untreated, can betray their age with a casual glance. Loss of soft tissue in the spaces between the tendons makes the tendons and the overlying veins more visible. Sun damage produces age spots- those brown patches that maybe started as freckles but have grown in size with time. So what can you do to rejuvenate the appearance of your hands?

The images above are just one way the severity of hand aging can be assessed. Though it is nearly impossible to make your hands look like the first image, using the techniques of volume correction and photorejuvenation, I can improve the appearance of hands by 1 or 2 grades which usually makes for happy patients.

Though there are several fillers that can be used to re-volumize the hands, Radiesse has obtained FDA approval by performing and submitting a study that proves improvement using the grading scale above. Radiesse is a calcium hydroxyappatite  based filler well suited for hand volumization. Usually 4 injections under tented skin between the tendons allows that filler to be place easily with minimal discomfort. Gentle massage is used to distribute the filler evenly. There may be some swelling and minimal discomfort after the procedure that resolves quickly.

The brown spots of the top of the hand are easily treated with IPL photorejuvenation. It is critical to apply sun protection to the hands to minimize the potential return of these sun related age spots. Now is a great time to get your hands rejuvenated- you will be able to wear jewelry without bringing attention to the aged appearance of your hands.  Make an appointment today for the Hand Rejuvenation package – 2 Syringes of Radiesse Volume Advantage and 2 Super IPL treatments.

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