Now that 2021 is here, many of us have made New Year’ Resolutions…from eating better, getting more exercise or even dry January- all designed to improve the quality of our health and overall lives. I for one, have taken to the road, jogging in preparation for the Gate River Run, a 15K in Jacksonville this March. I need to lose a few pounds accumulated during 2020.

This month I am speaking to my clients about improving their skin health so that they can better manage how they age. Taking care of the skin you are in pays off big dividends. I always ask my clients about their skincare regimens and hear all kinds of responses. It is very important to treat the skin of the face, neck, and décolleté as cosmetic units that need a different cleanser than what is used on the body. There are different skin types and some people need a gentle cleanser. Conditions such as rosacea,  may not tolerate cleansers with exfoliating components. Most people can however tolerate some exfoliating agent in the cleanser that cleanses, improves blood flow to the skin and gently, but regularly exfoliates dead skin that accumulates on the top of the epidermis.

The three skincare lines I carry in the office, ZO Skin Health, Vivant as well as Neocutis all have cleansers that are formulated to cleanse the skin of dirt, oils, pollution and remove stubborn make up. Guys, I am talking to you as well as many of us use after-shaving products that trap particles that need to be washed off. I also recommend using a powered facial brush. I was sad to see the Clarisonic brand lose support of L’Oréal and shutter in 2020. Clarisonic had done great clinical studies showing how much better they cleaned the skin of the face compared to hand or cloth washing.

Cleansing and Toning

Toning products often get overlooked but many people don’t understand what toners do. Toners are able to remove the last stubborn dirt and oils that my remain even after a thorough cleansing. Toners help shrink pores and help maintain the acid base balance of the skin. Lastly, toners prepare the skin for the corrective products that are placed after skin toning. Vivant skin care has several toners that incorporate mandelic acid, a brightener and pigment control product.

The best way to start or improve your skin care program is to consult with one of our aestheticians, Mallory or Karen. Both are trained as medical aestheticians who can examine your skin, perform our MD Age Facial and make appropriate product recommendations to address your individual skin care concerns.

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