Dr Horton has a strong interest in Women’s Feminine Health Issues and over the last 3 years he has utilized the Votiva Women’s Health platform, specifically FormaV bulk heating by contact radiofrequency to address vaginal dryness, decreased sensitivity, vaginal relaxation syndrome, painful intercourse as well as urinary incontinence- both stress and urgency incontinence. While FormaV, the main treatment on the Votiva platform, provided the majority of women with improvement in their symptoms, some women needed more intensive treatment modalities to address their concerns and give longer duration of benefit.

Dr Horton has recently upgraded the Votiva platform to the Empower Women’s Health workstation. This upgraded workstation has multiple treatment modalities including FormaV, MorpheusV and Vtone, Tone and Morpheus Body.

MorpheusV uses 24 pins to deliver the RF energy deeper into the vagina mucosa and supporting structure which causes more complete remodeling of the vaginal vault, introitus and external genitalia. A topical numbing cream is applied to the external vagina tissues, and the internal vaginal vault is treated with no numbing cream with no discomfort. By improvement in the supporting structures of the vagina, vaginal relaxation, pain, incontinence, vaginal atrophy and dryness as well as sensitivity are greatly improved. Done in a series of 3 treatments most women can enjoy long lasting improvements in these key issue that affect women of all ages.

When I speak with some of my closest female clients one on one, many admit they are experiencing vaginal dryness or urinary incontinence- two major issues associated with feminine health. They want to try Votiva.

As a board certified family physician practicing aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, you can count on me to provide a safe and effective treatment that addresses these feminine health issues.

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Vaginal dryness and discomfort are two common problems many women face as they grow older, compromising intimacy as well as quality of daily life. While seeking treatment for vaginal dryness and discomfort may be difficult, Dr. Horton and his team offer compassionate and understanding care to all of our female patients searching for a non-surgical solution to enhanced femininity. From the advanced engineering behind InMode comes Votiva™, one of the latest non-surgical solutions to vaginal rejuvenation.

MD Age Management in Winter Park, Florida is led by Dr. Horton who excels in aesthetic and age management medicine with an emphasis in non-surgical rejuvenation and bio-identical hormone optimization. Dr. Horton now offers non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation through the technologically advanced Votiva™ from InMode. Contact us today to schedule your consultation appointment to learn more about non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation through Votiva™!

What causes vaginal dryness and discomfort?

Over the course of aging, women will undergo a plethora of changes in their bodies. One of these many changes includes a gradual decline of collagen and elastin–two key proteins found in the skin– in the vaginal tissue. In addition, childbirth can also exacerbate laxity and discomfort in a woman’s intimate area.

What are some signs and symptoms of vaginal discomfort?

  • Loss of vaginal elasticity
  • Inadequate blood circulation
  • Decreased sexual interest
  • Lowered vaginal sensitivity
  • Wrinkling in the labia and vulva

What is non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation through Votiva™?

Votiva™ grants the latest in non-surgical rejuvenating technology to promote youthful femininity. By using radiofrequency energy, this safe and effective treatment can address both internal and external rejuvenation, enhancing the appearance and functionality of vaginal tissue including:

  • Greater elasticity
  • Youthful aesthetic
  • Improved blood circulation and sensitivity

What results can I expect following non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation with Votiva™?

Votiva™ grants immediate results of improved vaginal aesthetic and functionality, with these results gradually improving even beyond your treatment appointment.

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Who is a good candidate for Votiva™ non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation?

If you feel that childbirth and/or aging has compromised your femininity and are looking for a  non-surgical solution, then vaginal rejuvenation through Votiva™ may be an option to consider. Our team can help you decide if this exciting treatment may be right for you during your consultation appointment.

Don’t let time keep you from feeling comfortable or satisfied with your womanhood. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to learn more about non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation through Votiva™! We look forward to hearing from you!