Dr Horton continues to bring innovative body contouring technologies to MD Age Management with the recent addition of Evolve X. The original platform had separate body applicators for skin tightening, fat destruction and muscle toning. Now, these three functions can be performed during the same treatment utilizing the new Transform applicators.

So how does it work?

Bipolar Radiofrequency is the energy source that heats the treated tissue to 40-41 C to tighten skin by triggering reorganization of existing collagen as well as the production of new collagen. This treatment can be performed on the belly, flanks, bra strap areas as well as the arms, legs and buttocks. Six weekly 30 minute sessions is all it takes to tighten the appearance of loose skin.

Want to kill fat cells and tighten skin?

Increase the target temperature to 42-43 degree C and fat cells are susceptible to cellular apotosis or programmed cell death. Similar in mechanism of action of CoolSculpting, apoptosis leads to permanent fat cell loss without the potential for some of the complications inherent to CoolSculpting.

How about improved muscle tone?

Add EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) and the fat cell loss increases. At the same time muscle fibers are stressed and increase in size, which leads to toned muscles and improved appearance of the targeted muscles. Your waist, arms, thighs will become firmer and trimmer. Keep up regular exercise and a healthy diet to maintain these improvements.

Here at MD Age we have multiple body contouring solutions. Consider a consultation with Dr Horton who personally evaluates your problem areas and makes treatment recommendations that may include Evolve X Treatment or BodyTite RF assisted liposuction.