Exosomes improve outcomes for micro needling, Morpheus and Plasma IQ Pen skin rejuvenation treatments.

One of the most interesting innovations in aesthetics (as well as other medical areas) are Exosomes. Exosomes are derived from stem cells -literally a pinch of stem cell membrane- that contain the biologic messengers from the stem cells to other surrounding cells. This is how stem cells communicate to other cells and drive biologic processes like inflammation and healing.

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Exosomes can come from different types of stem cells but the most effective for our aesthetic purposes are mesenchymal stem cells derived from human placental donations which are youngest mesenchymal stem cells. Dr Horton evaluated many different companies who produce exosomes but he was never confident about the source and processing of these products…until Kimera Exosomes.

Dr Horton has vetted Kimera Exosomes as the market leader and MD Age’s preferred Exosomes for several reasons. First, Kimera Exosomes are all derived from a single placental donation obtained more than 5 years ago, before COVID-19.

This single source of stem cells has been screened for all infectious pathogens and frozen. Small amounts of the stem cells are thawed and multiplied to produces batches of Exosomes that are again screened for known pathogens. Secondly, There is a 5 year track record of Exosome production from that singe placental donation. Kimera has gone to great lengths to prove that their Exosomes are the industry leader. Lastly Dr Horton has personally toured the manufacturing laboratores and met with the scientist who oversee exosome production and testing. Dr Horton can assure you that Kimera Exosomes are safe and effective as an aesthetic adjuvant treatment.

Exosome’s are currently FDA cleared for topical applications. Treatments allow the Exosomes to get through the epidermis to the deeper layers where our fibroblasts produce collagen and elastin. Micro needling with the Skin Pen, Morpheus and Plasma IQ Pen treatments are how Dr Horton and his staff get access to these depths of the skin where Exosomes help minimize the inflammation and boost collagen and elastin production. Most people who need skin rejuvenation are older and respond less well to collagen producing treatments. Kimera Exosomes boost collagen production leading to improved lines and wrinkles, thicker healthier, more hydrated appearing skin with more collagen content.

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