There is nothing like living in Orlando. You have always been a social individual and loved taking in the activities that the city has to offer. Now, when you wake up, you need to down half a pot of coffee just to get your day started. It is enough to make you wonder what happened to that fun-loving person you were so good at being. What happened is you hit a point where your body stopped producing hormones in the same amount as when you were younger. Now that you are operating on less hormone production, your body is struggling to keep up with a lifestyle you were used to living. The sad reality is that your body simply cannot keep up so well on less, so something has to be done about this hormone deficiency problem if you ever want to feel like the person you once were. Thankfully, bio identical hormones exist.

Introducing Bio Identical Hormones

It is really a simple concept. Your body is not producing as much hormones as it used to, and you feel like a truck ran over you twice because of it. So, scientists designed bio identical hormones to replace in your body precisely what was missing. This is why the hormones are bio identical, as they are intended to match identically the hormones your body would normally create for you. Once your hormone levels are restored to a normal level, the idea is that you will feel and perform like you did back when your body was a more productive hormone factory.

One of the areas that you will likely start to notice significant improvement when taking bio identical hormones is in your energy levels. When before you felt fatigued all the time, now you will start to feel more energetic and alive. Most people in Orlando do not realize how critical of a role hormones play in their body’s ability to drive energy production.

By giving back what the body used to produce when you were younger, you are helping your body to increase metabolism and at the same time burn far more calories. As this helps to reduce overactive adrenal function, it inversely raises thyroid function. When thyroid function increases, it is like putting your metabolism on the fast track.

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