Bellafill® is an in-office cosmetic treatment known as a dermal filler. It is FDA-approved for the improvement of nasolabial folds and smile lines, so you can feel confident that it’s effective and safe. This unique filler gives patients immediate results that last far longer than others in this category. If you want to reverse some of the common signs of aging, we encourage you to learn about Bellafill® and the benefits it offers. Find out if this convenient and unique treatment is right for you.

Bellafill® vs. Laser

Lines and wrinkles are a real problem for many people. Nearly everyone deals with these signs of aging at some point. For a long time, laser therapy was the go-to treatment for lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, laser treatment can come with negatives such as gradual noticeable change and a long recovery period, depending on the type of laser that is used. In addition, the results are often short-lived. This is also the case with other types of fillers whose ingredients easily break down.

How Bellafill® is Different

Bellafill® contains a special type of collagen to provide immediately visible results. It also is made up of PMMA beads, which are microscopic beads within the filler that contribute to the product’s 5-year average effectiveness rate. They do this by replacing and binding the skin’s collagen, regenerating the plumpness that fills the smile lines and other wrinkles. This collagen regeneration allows the results to last for years.

What to Expect

We will first make sure Bellafill® is safe for you during an initial consultation at our office. During the actual treatment, the Bellafill® solution is skillfully injected into the area to be treated. You’ll see an immediate difference, but the results will actually improve gradually over the next several months as new collagen growth is stimulated.

Bellafill® is a convenient, long-lasting and effective solution for lines and wrinkles on your face. You’ll see smoother skin immediately, that only improves with time, with very little to no inconvenience or downtime on your part. Get in touch with us at MD Age Management to schedule a consultation. We’ll be happy to answer your questions to determine if Bellafill® is appropriate for your cosmetic needs.

MD Age Management is located in Winter Park, FL and also serves clients in the greater Orlando, FL area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for Bellafill®!

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