Even though the process of CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, has been FDA approved since 2010, many people still have questions about the process. Through CoolSculpting PLUS Body FX at MD Age Management in Winter Park, FL real people in Winter Park and Orlando, FL are seeing real results in fat reduction. Freezing the fat away may seem too good to be true, but science and a decade’s worth of proven results say otherwise.

Why Does Freezing Fat Work?

Fat cells are very sensitive to cold temperatures and freeze well above the freezing point of water. When fat reaches a low enough temperature, between thirty-nine and forty-one degrees Fahrenheit, it enters a state known as apoptosis. Apoptosis is a state where cells are actively dying. When apoptosis is triggered in a fat cell, the cell itself is being destroyed.

Once the fat cell is destroyed it will break down and become waste material. This waste material will then exit the body through its normal waste functions. The process of CoolSculpting PLUS Body FX has destroyed the fat with only the application of a low temperature.

Are Other Parts of the Body Affected?

Other cells are not harmed by this process, which is one of the many benefits to CoolSculpting PLUS Body FX. Other parts of your body exposed to this process, such as the skin, have a much greater tolerance for cold than fat cells. The temperature at which the treatment is normally performed is not low enough to causes apoptosis or lasting damage in other parts of the body, particularly skin cells.

How Do You Freeze the Fat With CoolSculpting PLUS Body FX?

The fat is frozen by using handheld devices cooled to between thirty-nine and forty-one degrees. These devices are then applied to the desired location of fat reduction in sessions that last between a half-hour and an hour. This gives plenty of time for the fat to reach a low temperature and for apoptosis to set in.

Does Freezing the Fat This Way Hurt?

In a word, no. Some people have reported a cold or tingly sensation from the devices being applied to their skin. Beyond that pain is not generally reported as the process is non-invasive and will only affect the fat cells under the skin.

This is not a medical procedure and you can head home as soon as your session is over without worrying about recovery time.

Can Fat Freezing Help With Weight Loss?

CoolScupting PLUS Body FX can supplement but does not replace a healthy diet and exercise, which are the most effective weight loss tools of all. Coolsculpting is not designed to be used over large areas of the body. The treatments we offer are for targeted fat reduction on specific points on the body, not an overall weight loss regimen.

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