Choose IPL Photorejuvenation for Safe, Effective, Gentle Skin Renewal in Winter Park and Orlando, FL!

Erasing years from your skin does not have to include surgery or downtime. At MD Age Management, our IPL Photorejuvenation treatments utilize non-invasive light energy to treat skin imperfections at the source and restore clear, beautiful skin in just a few sessions.

Located in Winter Park and serving the greater Orlando area in Central Florida, MD Age Management is led by Dr. Jerry HortonContact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how IPL Photorejuvenation can clear your visible skin imperfections without the cost and risk of surgical procedures.

What is IPL Photorejuvenation?

Considered by many experts to be one of the biggest advances in the skincare industry, Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, has been proven to clear, repair, and rejuvenate skin in as little as 1-3 sessions. At MD Age Management, our Lumecca™ IPL device can safely and effectively target multiple skin imperfections, including:

  • Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Sun spots
  • Rosacea/facial redness
  • Spider veins on the face
  • Other pigmented and vascular lesions

What Can I Expect from IPL Photorejuvenation Treatment?

Although this treatment is most commonly used on areas of the body that experience prolonged exposure to the sun, the Lumecca™ IPL device is a flexible system that is approved for use anywhere on the body, such as the:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Decollete
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Legs

Prior to treatment, you may be asked to avoid direct sunlight or tanning in order to produce the best results. Throughout your session, pulses of light will be emitted into your skin from the Lumecca™ device by our trained and experienced medical team. IPL Photorejuvenation is typically well-tolerated, with most patients comparing the sensation as akin to a light elastic sensation on the skin.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Although visible skin clearance and improvement are typically noticed in as little as one session, multiple treatments are often necessary for the best results. Treatment plans vary based on condition and a case by case basis, which will be outlined with you during your consultation with our medical team. Depending on the type of imperfection being treated, full results may be visible in 1-2 weeks.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Most patients experience post-treatment flushing or redness, which generally subsides in a few hours. As treated areas are often sensitive to the sun, patients are often advised to avoid sunbathing or tanning immediately afterward. Most men and women undergo IPL Photorejuvenation without complications, and your health and medical history will be discussed during your consultation with our medical team to ensure that this protocol is right for you.

Contact MD Age Management today to schedule a consultation and find out how IPL Photorejuvenation with the Lumecca™ system can clear and restore your skin without invasive procedures or recovery.