It’s unfortunate, but women lose volume in their lips as they age. Women also get vertical lines on their upper lips – worse if they were ever smokers – but even those who have never smoked still get these lines. Drinking from straws causes puckering and if you want to see if you have them…look in the mirror and pucker up.

Many of my clients tell me that they are fearful of doing anything to correct lip volume less they look like a fish or ducks…or some celebrities that I will not name. I personally promise to never create the fish or duck look as I don’t want people telling their friends that “Dr. Horton gave me these lips.” So what can be done to improve lip volume and those pesky vertical lines on the upper lip?

In my practice, you have three options regarding neuromodulators (XEOMIN®, fillers and PDO threads). Most people think the neuromodulators like Dysport®, BOTOX®, and XEOMIN® are only useful in the upper third of the face – frown lines, crow’s feet and the forehead – but small doses of neuromodulators carefully placed in the upper lip can soften lip lines and roll the lip out slightly, giving the appearance of larger lips; a slightly pouty look that can be attractive. You may not be able to “Whistle Dixie” or drink out of a straw, but that’s usually OK.

Fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and, Belotero® can be used to plump up lips and Restylane®-Lips and Belotero® are formulated just for vertical lip lines and peri-oral rejuvenation. These are good choices for patients who have moderate to severe lip volume loss and deeper lip lines. I use several different injection techniques depending on the patient’s lips and their desired volume and shape.

A new option is the use of PDO threads. These dissolvable sutures are placed with a small hollow needle and are placed along the lip border for lip border definition. They can also be placed in the body of the lip for additional volume. Although they dissolve within six months, PDO threads stimulate new collagen and the improvement in volume can last up to two years.

I have two types of PDO threads for the lips, smooth and twist, that let me enhance the appearance of the lips with less discomfort than filler placement.

So don’t forget that eyelashes (Latisse®) and lips are two of the most important facial decorations. You have great options, so come see me and we can develop a plan to enhance your lips.

Contact Dr. Horton, Medical Director, at MD Age Management today and get recommendation on what is the best lip lines procedure that fits your needs.

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