Lip augmentation is now simpler than ever thanks to the advanced dermal filler products being used today. Acid-based fillers and calcium hydroxylapatite fillers actually firm up the lip tissue, and this decreases the visibility of vertical wrinkle lines on the surface. We often get questions from our clients regarding thinning lips and dryness of lip tissue. We may recommend dermal fillers as a means to plump the lips and create a smoother surface.

These filler gels can also help to create a more youthful-appearing lip boundary. If you’re concerned about the appearance of your lips and feel that age-related problems are the main culprit, we have some good news for you. Read on to discover the magic of dermal fillers and how they could help restore your lips to a more satisfying shape and appearance.

How Fillers Smooth Away Lip Lines

Vertical lip lines are the result of decreased moisture in the lip tissue. The lips are covered with skin just like the rest of the body, but this surface is very thin and is subjected to dryness. When the tissue below is no longer spongy, the result is a crinkling effect. The muscles below, above, and on the sides of the lips contract in such a manner as to cause lines that run down from the top to the bottom of the lip surface.

This can make you appear old and unhealthy. There’s a simple means to smooth the surface. Lip injections using a gel containing moisture-attracting acid can plump the lips and restore the smooth appearance.

Consulting with Us

During a consultation at MD Age Management, we would like to see firsthand what is causing the problem of vertical lip lines and straightened lip boundaries. We’ll watch as you make facial expressions and purse your lips. This will give us a good idea of which dermal filler to use.

You probably have questions, and we can answer them. Contact us today to schedule your consultation in Orlando, FL, specifically at our office in Winter Park, FL.

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