Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Many of my clients tell me that they begin to see changes of facial aging as early as their mid-30s. They ask me – ‘Dr. Horton– what can I do to slow down these changes?” My answer is “Manage How You Age!” by taking care of your skin, eating healthy and exercising regularly. To combat the effects of collagen loss and gravity, consider adding additional support to the tissues of the face and correcting lost facial volume.

Build Collagen

As we age we all lose collagen. Collagen provides support and elasticity to tissues of the face and when we lose it gravity takes its toll. Tissues of the cheeks move downwards and to the midline causing deep smile lines, marionette lines and jowls. There are many ways to promote new collagen development- microneedling, fractional resurfacing procedures, certain fillers and PDO threads.

PDO Thread Lift

PDO threads are suture material loaded into microcanulas that, when placed in the subcutaneous tissue plane, trigger new collagen development. There are two main types of PDO threads- lifting threads and smooth threads. I use lifting PDO threads in the MD Age 30 min Face Lift procedures to re-drape the skin over the cheeks and jawline. After placement, the body builds new collagen around the PDO threads leading to new structural support to the soft tissues of the face.

Replace Lost Volume

Bellafill is a unique long lasting filler composed of microspheres of PMMA in a bovine collagen gel carrier. These microspheres, once distributed into the subcutaneous tissue, serve as a scaffold for new collagen development and provide a “tissue implant” to replace lost facial volume. While other facial fillers are broken down over time, Bellafill provides long-lasting volume correction.

Combining PDO Lifting Threads with Bellafill for Optimal Results

As an alternative to a surgical facelift, I combine the PDO thread lift procedure with Bellafill in a same day treatment session to address skin laxity, tissue descent and lost volume. Topical numbing cream combined with small injections of lidocaine minimize discomfort and there is little to no downtime. Both treatment modalities build collagen and improve smile lines, marionette lines and the jowls. You will truly be “managing how you age”.

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