BOTOX® is a minimally-invasive way to minimize lines and wrinkles on the face. This can make the skin appear smoother and provide a younger look. When used on the face at our office in Winter Park, FL, this injectable solution relaxes the tiny muscles that cause fine lines and small wrinkles to appear.

BOTOX® can be used in numerous spots for cosmetic reasons. However, it is most frequently used on the horizontal lines of the forehead, on crow’s feet around the eyes and on frown lines around the mouth. This is a fabulous way to minimize lines and wrinkles because it is quick, fast and entirely non-surgical. Most of our patients in Winter Park, FL state that they only feel a minor amount of discomfort during the treatment.

A BOTOX® treatment typically takes just minutes to complete. Patients in Winter Park, FL love that they can fit it into their busy days and that they can immediately return to work or their everyday activities.

The results of the treatments should last for multiple months. Full results should be visible within multiple days following the treatment. Those who get regular treatments will notice that they need treatments less frequently the longer they get them. This is because the muscles gradually become trained to stay relaxed.

The biggest fear of most patients is that they will appear frozen after this treatment. Many have heard of how difficult it can be for people to smile or frown after BOTOX®. However, this is rarely the case any longer as practitioners have become increasingly better at knowing just how large of a dosage should be used. Instead, the face should remain mobile, and individuals should be able to smile, laugh and frown with ease following their treatment.

A thorough consultation at MD Age Management in Winter Park, FL will help individuals in the Orlando, FL area find out more about BOTOX® and learn how it can help them. They will be able to see pictures of other patients who have experienced great results using this popular treatment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started!

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