You Are What You Eat!

We all know good nutrition is essential for our health and well-being but busy lifestyles, dieting, food preferences and availability of a variety of whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables all limit our intake of essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and micronutrients. Over 50% of the general population purchase supplements based on Aunt Sally’s recommendation, Dr Oz, and a host of other reference sources. Other supplements may not contain what they say they do, be contaminated with unwanted substances, be absorbed poorly or move the needle on our optimal nutrition. Increasing anti-oxidants levels in our bodies is one of the primary goals of health eating and nutritional supplementation yet the majority of the US population are deficient in their intake and levels of critical anti-oxidants that are important for a healthy immune system, cardiovascular health, diabetes and cancer prevention. Yes- CANCER PREVENTION!


Pharmanex started as a dedicated nutritional supplement company, formed nearly 30 years ago by 3 drug discovery Ph Ds that worked for large pharmaceutical companies. These innovators understood that optimal nutritional supplements were not available on the market but could go a long way to keep people heathy by preventing vitamin and mineral deficiencies. They understood that oxidative stress and inflammation is associated with many diseases including hypertension, diabetes, immune deficiencies as well as aging and cancer. By providing optimal nutraceuticals to the general population with a robust assortment of anti-oxidants could keep people heathy and prevent diseases.

Did you know that the first statin for cholesterol control has its origin from a fungus called Penicillum citrinum? Many current day pharmaceutical products have their origins form naturally occurring substances found in nature. Pharmanex continues to identify the most impactful nutraceutical molecules from around the world and add them to their full line of health and wellness products. And unlike commonly recognized supplement companies that compete on price, Pharmanex competes on quality and outcomes.


This family of products focuses on vitamins and minerals, micronutrients and phytonutrients taken twice a day to ensure optimal absorption and saturation of antioxidants to protect our tissues at the cellular level. There are over 40 antioxidants in LifePak that work together to provide the body optimal protection from free radical and reactive oxygen species. The majority of people are well suited for the LifePak Anti- Aging formula. For those who prefer not to swallow capsules/soft gels, LifePak Elements is a powder formulation that can be added to a number of different liquids. LifePak Nano is the premium product delivering many of the components in nano sized envelopes that prevent clumping along the intestinal lining and optimizing absorption. LifePak Nano also contains fish oils sourced from small fish and balanced for optimal efficacy. There are 2 formulations for women- Life Pak Women and Life Pak Prenatal. When is the optimal time to start LifePak? Yesterday!

The #1 health recommendation for all adults 20 years and older, START LIFEPAK NOW for LIFE!


The AgeLoc grouping are formulations that impact how our DNA is expressed and as such are epigenetic modifiers. In current longevity research arena we are learning how food, exercise, caloric restriction and mindfulness can regulate gene expression, turning some genes on and some off. All AgeLoc products promote more youthful, healthy gene expression.

  • AgeLoc Youth –This supplement focuses on youthful aging and provides multiple aging defenses for Cellular Health, Brain Health, Heart Health, Metabolic Health, Skin, Bone, Joint and Eye Health. AgeLoc Youth also augments physical performance and Immune Health.
  • AgeLoc Vitality– This product supports three dimensions of vitality that typically decline with age- physical vigor, mental acuity and sexual health.

The S3 Biophotonic Scanner

This simple and effective tool can easily evaluate your skin carotenoid score, (SCS) and serve as both a baseline and benchmark of positive change with the above products. You are encouraged to assess your score and the impact your current diet and supplement program. When you start LifePak and/or AgeLoc Youth, you are encouraged to rescan and then see your score rise to optimal levels with a money back guarantee!

The MD AGE Management Philosophy

Our goal is to help our clients look and feel the best that they can at every age. These Pharmanex products serve as a rock solid nutritional foundation to help you Manage How You Age. Please consider adding these product to your defense arsenal against premature aging and loss of quality of life.