Unless you die young like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, we will all age. Beginning with those few “sprinkles around the eyes”, as a Latin friend of mine calls them…. Crow’s feet, frown lines, and lines on the forehead betray our age. Facial aging in the midface leads to flattened cheeks, deepening of smile lines, and a more square shape to the face that is less youthful.

Sun damage causes hyperpigmentation- brown spots that muddy the complexion and loss of skin laxity from lost collagen and elastin. To complicate things more, our skin gets lazy producing smaller amounts of growth factors. Slower rates of epithelial turnover that turn once luminescent skin into a dull, unhealthy complexion. So I have three rules- as it were, to combat the effects of aging on our skin. These apply to all skin types, males and females and all ethnicities.

1. Protect your skin from UV photodamage by using a sunscreen every single day. In your foundation, in your moisturizer, or your powder. Choose a quality facial sunscreen, some are tinted and are great cover alone on casual days, and guys, we have great sunscreens that include growth factors and peptides that are great to use every day after shaving or facial cleansing.

2. Prevent wrinkles neuromodulators regularly and start them before the lines become etched into the skin. The neuromodulator class contains many commercially available products in the US and Dr. Horton uses Jeuveau for efficacy and versatility in the upper and lower face. When to start neuromodulator treatments depends on your ethnicity and skin type. Get treated on a 4-month schedule- don’t wait until there is a return of full muscle contraction- we are trying to prevent lines and wrinkles.

3. Lastly, follow a good skin care regimen of daily washing, activate your skin with a topical retinoid (Retin A-like products) and support your skin with products that contain growth factors and skin peptides. We carry internationally recognized product lines of ZO Skin Health, Vivant, and Neocutis. Our trained medical aestheticians can help you develop a personalized skin care regimen and keep you on track with our Skin Fitness Membership program.

Over a decade ago I realized that new, safe and effective aesthetic treatments could help people slow down the process of facial aging. I also recognized that changes in our hormones were responsible for slowing down our metabolism and that by prescribing bio-identical hormone therapy I could help my clients optimize their hormones and help them improve their energy and vitality. This is the reason I founded MD Age Management.

You Can Manage How You Age! Through non-surgical therapies- you can rejuvenate the face and body. Through anti-aging medicine, you turn back the hands of time by optimization of your hormones, and nutrition as well as taking advantage of cutting age supplements like peptide therapies and TA-65, Look and Feel Your Best at Every Age!