Plasma IQ Pen treatments are great for smaller areas of skin that need to be resurfaced and tightened. Dr Horton uses this device to treat areas like the upper and lower eye lids, deep set in frown lines, crow’s feet or vertical lines around the mouth. How does the Plasma Pen work? This hand held device uses a thin metal disposable probe that ionizes nitrogen in the air and creates an arc of plasma energy that when brought close to but not touching the skin, creates a small thermal injuries done in linear series. When these areas are treated, there are visible dot patterns that clear in 4-7 days. The end result is smoother, tighter skin. Dr Horton uses Kimera Exosome preparation Luxir applied topically after the procedure to moderate the inflammatory response and promote optimal collagen production leading to a shorter down time and even better results. If you think this treatment may address your concerns, schedule a consultation with Dr Horton.

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