ageLOC Lumi Spa IO- Best in Class Facial Cleansing Device Worldwide plus Beauty Focus + Collagen




Many of the telltale signs of aging center around loss of collagen and elastin leading to lax, sagging skin. At MD Age Management our energy-based skin rejuvenation devices including Morpheus8, Skin Pen microneedling, EvolveX, Plasma Pen IQ to mention a few, are designed to build collagen and elastin as part of our skin rejuvenation therapies.

ageLOC Lumi Spa IO is the premier facial cleansing device that thoroughly cleanses skin and stimulates blood flow to build new collagen and elastin. Pair it with Beauty Focus+ Collagen to maintain existing and build new facial collagen and elastin.  So, get the most from your procedures and protect your investment in your face with the Lumi Spa IO and Beauty Focus +, Dr Horton’s preferred skin cleansing device and collagen/antioxidant daily supplement.