Empower Yourself- 3 FormaV treatment sessions plus 3 VTone




Women’s health issues include vaginal dryness, diminished sensitivity, painful intercourse and urinary incontinence. The Empower platform from INMODE has several modalities to address multiple issues and symptoms. FormaV is an intravaginal application of RF (radiofrequency energy) that stimulates blood flow, increases vaginal secretions and builds collagen to tone and strengthen tissues. The treatment can build support for the bladder to treat both stress and urge incontinence and has been helpful in Interstitial Cystitis and Lichen Sclerosis of the vulvar tissues. VTone educates the muscles of the pelvic floor and like Keigel exercises improves many gynecologic issues. These treatments are perfect for women who can not take estrogens due to a hx of breast cancer. Performed by Dr Horton or Karen RN, our women’s health provider, you can feel confident in this non-surgical remedy for many feminine health issues. The package include 3 sessions of FormaV followed by 30 min Vtone sessions.