Empower Yourself in 2022 to Live Life to the Fullest- Women’s Health- MorpheusV




Did you know that more than 2/3 of women experience urinary incontinence at some point in their lifetime? Aging, hormonal fluctuations and childbirth can cause vaginal discomfort during sex, dryness, diminished genital sensitivity and urinary incontinence. In the past, medications and surgical options fell short of providing safe and effective treatments for these concerns. Dr Horton has partnered with Inmode, one of the leading aesthetic device companies worldwide, to provide in office, effective treatments using the Votiva platform of bipolar radiofrequency. The newest women’s health platform, Empower, provides even more options for treatment including FormaV, Morpheus V, and  V-tone. Schedule a consultation with Dr Horton to see how you can Empower yourself to to live life to the fullest. MorpheusV series of 3 treatments- promotional pricing $3000