LifePak and ageLOC Meta Combination- Start 2024 Off with the Dr Horton’s Best in Class Nutritional Supplements




LifePak is a comprehensive multi-vitamin/mineral/phytonutrient supplement designed to promote general health and well-being. LifePak addresses all common nutrient deficiencies, provides the key anti-aging nutrients that promote cellular protection and regeneration, and supports cardiovascular health, bone metabolism, insulin and blood glucose metabolism, and normal immune function.
ageLOC Meta is here to help with a daily dose of anthocyanins. Backed by seven years of groundbreaking, exclusive-to-Nu Skin research, it’s powered by anthocyanins— natural health-beneficial compounds found in the deepest purple berries and black rice. age LOC Meta Helps counteract the effects of your modern lifestyle by helping support
Metabolic health.
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