Your hands are some of the first places to show signs of aging and sun damage. You can take very good care of your hands and cover them in lotions and creams, but they’ll still show the signs of aging. You can even wear rubber gloves to try to protect them from harsh chemicals.

The reality is that your hands will still give off noticeable signs of aging. It’s quite common for patients to take care of their face, but oftentimes, they neglect their hands, which give away their real age.

What Are the Signs of Aging On the Hands?

As you grow older, the backs of your hands will become very delicate. There is only a thin layer of fat under the skin of each hand, and as you age, the elastin and collagen fibers begin to break down.

You’ll notice that your hands will start to deflate, wrinkle and flatten. They’ll end up with a papery, wrinkled and veined appearance. You’ll also have to confront sun damage, which is a major contributor to the aging process.

This type of damage increases the prominence of veins, knuckles and bones. Sun exposure can speckle your hands with dark spots and leave them looking damaged and abused.

What is Radiesse®?

If it looks like your hands have fallen victim to the effects of aging and sun damage, all hope is not lost. A possible solution is Radiesse®. This treatment has the potential to restore your hands and give them a youthful appearance.

Radiesse® injections are regularly used for facial rejuvenation, but they can deliver the same restorative benefits to your hands. The injections provide long-lasting results and can restore lost volume to your hands. By restoring the volume to the backs of your hands, Radiesse® injections are capable of giving your hands a youthful appearance.

The procedure is affordable and safe, and it can effectively reduce the appearance of veins, joints and tendons on the backs of the hands. Once the treatment is finished, your hands should have a supple, youthful appearance. An additional benefit of Radiesse® is stimulated collagen production, so the initial results will get better over time.

How Radiesse® Works

The procedure is quick and simple. During the treatment, the Radiesse® is simply injected under your skin. Once the injections are finished, you can see immediate results. Your hands will begin to plump up, and the signs of aging will lessen.

The results from Radiesse® can last up to two years, and your hands will regain a youthful, smooth appearance. Facial rejuvenation can be very effective, but if you don’t rejuvenate your hands, they’ll always give away your real age.

Learn More About Hand Rejuvenation

If your hands look spotty, veiny and papery, you’ll waste a lot of time trying to hide them. Radiesse® is a non-surgical procedure, and it has the potential to completely restore your hands to a youthful, attractive appearance. Serving the Orlando, FL and surrounding areas, MD Age Management in Winter Park, FL can help you achieve smoother, younger-looking hands. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to find out more information.

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