Skin renewal via stimulation of healthy replacement cells is not a new concept, but several of the newer techniques have proven to be superior to many of the older, more traditional treatments. Microneedling is a specialized, minimally-invasive procedure that promotes healthy skin growth via the creation of micro-sized channels.

This may sound a bit odd, but the procedure is really quite simple. When the skin is pricked to just the right depth, the body reacts to these tiny openings by accelerating the production of dermal tissue, and this in turn produces a healthier epidermal layer. Microneedling isn’t something to be tried at home, however. It takes a skilled professional to perform this treatment correctly, and that’s where we come in.

Aging Skin Problems

Age-related skin problems include dullness, brittleness, dryness, and more prominent wrinkling. Some adults experience more visible age spots, freckles, and scarring from injury or acne. If you’re a mature adult, you’re probably experiencing one or more of these problems. Microneedling can significantly improve all of these conditions.

This type of treatment is also known as collagen induction therapy. As the body reacts to the channels in the skin, collagen production increases, and this really improves the overall skin texture. The skin is more supple because of the additional proteins in the skin layers. This eases wrinkling and also decreases the appearance of other blemishes.

How We Perform Microneedling

After consulting with you, we will outline a treatment schedule. It typically takes a series of treatment sessions to ensure that the entire surface has been treated effectively. We use a special instrument studded with tiny needles to produce the channels. After a week or so, we may repeat the procedure for optimal results.

Wonderful Results

The tiny channels fill up with blood and nutrients, and very soon, temporary and granular cell growth occurs. This growth is followed by permanent tissue. The new epidermal layer and the upper level of the dermal layer are now healthier than they were before. Collagen levels have also increased. After multiple months, the skin is much smoother, more wrinkle-free, and evenly toned.

This sounds like a miracle cure, but it’s really just science and the understanding of how the body goes about repairing itself. Microneedling is very safe and effective. If this sounds like the treatment you’ve been seeking, schedule a consultation at MD Age Management in Winter Park, FL. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the amazing results of microneedling and why so many of our clients in the Orlando, FL area love this treatment. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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