Time marches on. Whether you like it or not, the aging process has a powerful effect on your face. Your face is one of the most important features you have. It is what others use to define who you are. Unfortunately, as you get older, your face is going to undergo the natural aging process. Lifestyle choices, sun exposure, trauma and other facts can all have an effect on the speed with which you age. As we get older, our faces are unable to maintain their firm appearance. You will notice that your skin tissues and muscles lose their resilience. You see this most often when you look at the mid-part of a person’s face. As a result, they start to develop deep lines around their mouth. They will also have loose skin along the jawline.

In times past, the only option that was available for a person who was battling with premature aging was surgery. However, many people did not like the idea of undergoing surgery to maintain their youthful appearance. They were worried about the real possibility of the surgery not turning out right, or there being some complications. Thankfully, now there are ways that you can restore your youthful appearance without going through surgical procedures. You can use a 30 minute face lift at MD Age Management to improve your appearance naturally.

The magic of the 30 minute face lift comes from the use of PDO threads. These threads are able to tighten and lift the skin in the treatment area. They also stimulate the production of new collagen, providing long-lasting results.

Dermal fillers are often used in the 30 minute face lift as well. These injectable treatments are designed to improve the way you look by restoring your natural skin’s volume and filling in lines and wrinkles in the treatment area. When you restore volume to your face, you have an instant face lift. You can think about it in the same way that you would think about a balloon that has become deflated. When a balloon is deflated, the balloon material sags and is not firm. However, if you add air to the balloon, it starts to blow up and becomes tight and firm. This is the same idea that is behind using our 30 minute face lift procedure.

The results of this procedure are extremely natural. Dr. Horton is well-trained and highly skilled, and he understands exactly where to do the injections and insert the PDO threads in order to achieve optimal results.

The 30 minute face lift improves your skin’s hydration, makes your skin’s surface less rough and encourages collagen growth. Best of all, it typically takes minutes to complete and requires minimal downtime.

Located in Winter Park, FL, MD Age Management is proud to offer the 30 minute face lift. We happily serve clients in the Orlando, FL and surrounding cities. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more!

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