Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt like you had a haggard appearance? Or do people tell you all of the time that you look tired and that you need to get some rest? One of the reasons why these things may happen is because as you are getting older, you are losing facial volume. This is something that happens to all of us. As we age, we lose the fat in our face.

While most people like the idea of losing fat in their body, it is usually not good if we are losing facial fat. Facial fat is one of the things that keeps us looking young. As the fat in our face disappears, our bones and muscles become more apparent. This is what gives us that haggard, tired look even when we are happy.

Sculptra® is an injectable that has been designed to help get rid of facial wrinkles and give you back your lost facial volume. It can be used in many parts of the face, including the folds that appear between the nose and mouth, the folds that line the mouth and even wrinkles that appear in the chin.

Before you seriously consider any kind of dermal filler or cosmetic treatment, it is usually best to learn as much as you can about it. For example, before you schedule a consultation for Sculptra®, it would be good for you to be aware that you will likely need to come in for at least three treatment sessions. These will usually be scheduled over the course of a couple of months. Of course, it is difficult to say exactly how many you will need since they are scheduled according to how much correction you need and the treatment plan that is determined by our specialists.

One of the exciting things about Sculptra® is that you will be able to see results soon after treatment and then you may be able to continue seeing results for up to two years. You will begin to notice results that happen in the first few days after treatment. Your face will look fuller and younger. Then you will be able to notice even better results as time passes. The results happen over time because of the way the formula has been designed.

Another great thing about the way this formula works is that other people will notice that you look younger and happier, but they will not be able to tell that you came to our office in order to have an injection of any kind of treatment. This is usually what is most desirable by individuals who use treatments to slow down the aging process. They want other people to notice that they look better, but they don’t want it to be obvious that they have visited an anti-aging clinic.

Most people are able to qualify for Sculptra®. As with any other injectable or cosmetic treatment, if you have a healthy immune system and healthy skin, the treatment is likely to give you good results. During a consultation at MD Age Management in Winter Park, FL, we will work with you to determine the best course of action to help you improve your appearance. We also serve the Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more.

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