How is it different than facial fillers?

Most facial fillers are designed to revolumize areas of the face by the sheer bulk of the product itself. The skin overlying the areas appears smoother and younger. Some facial fillers are gels while others are thick suspensions of products, natural or synthetic but all have been proven to be well tolerated and approved by the FDA for specific cosmetic uses. The correction of volume when these facial fillers are used is immediately visible and can last up to 18 months.

Sculptra is different; it is a tissue stimulant that causes the release of new collagen fibers, the natural supporting network of our connective tissue. This treatment usually consists of three treatment sessions and the improvements in tissue thickness, facial volume and softening of lines and folds develop gradually over several months’ time.

Some people find that facial fillers meet their needs while others are looking different features of products used for facial revolumization.

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