We have optimized the Skin Fitness Membership- not only do you receive regular, comprehensive, professional skin care but our aestheticians help you manage how you age using TriPollar RF skin tightening for the neck and face.

During your initial consultation your Skin Fitness Medical Aesthetician evaluates your skin concerns, performs a complete examination and customizes a treatment program to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. Hour long monthly skin care treatment sessions include Skin Fitness Facials alternating with TriPollar RF Skin Tightening treatments of the face and neck. Maintain your skin volume and elasticity by reorganizing old collagen and forming new collagen with this comfortable radiofrequency therapy that is safe, proven effective and has no downtime. After either treatment, return to work or go out on the town with beautiful youthful skin of the face and neck.

This membership is an amazing value at $99/month drafted from your credit card monthly. If purchased separately these treatments would cost you $2340. VIP Platinum members may now apply their 10% global discount to the Skin Fitness Membership.