If you still have the perfect body of a 20 yr old – Great for You! Many us mere mortals have areas of our bodies that we look at in the mirror and say “that could (and maybe used to)  look better” from belly mounds to love handles, thigh and buttock cellulite to sagging skin above the knees- too much fat deposited just where it seems to show the most in a swim suit OR skin laxity that betrays our age. At MD Age Management we stress the importance of diet and exercise. We also optimize your metabolism with bio identical hormone therapy to help you keep fit and trim. But as we age it gets harder to manage the contours along the back, belly, hips and thighs. And if you have lost weight you may be dealing with skin laxity that can look as bad as the fatty areas themselves.

What can you do? Here are some options for treatments here at MD Age Management that can really get you “Beach Body Ready”.

Body Contouring

There are several treatments on the market that can decrease fatty deposits, from cold based therapies like CoolSculpting PLUS Body FX to lasers like Sculpsure. While all these work to some degree they have some disadvantages that BodyFx, our chosen body contouring device does not. BodyFx is a vacuum assisted radiofrequency device that permanently kills fat cells. This device does not have the capacity to injure nerve tissue like some of the others I mentioned above. The treatments are approximately 30 min and are done once weekly for 6 sessions. The benefits of BodyFx over the other therapies I mentioned earlier is that is BodyFx kills fat permanently and tightens skin.

This therapy can be used all over the body, belly, flanks, back, thighs, and buttocks. There is even a small version of BodyFx to use on the submental fat of the “double chin”.

Skin Tightening

If you just have loose skin also known as skin laxity, then our TriPollar RF and Forma devices are great options to reorganize existing collagen and promote new collagen production from fibroblasts. UV light from the sun and aging can damage collagen turning it to a stretchy out slinky. The RF thermal energy from either device penetrates deep into the dermis down to the collagen and tightens the collagen up- like when you cook an egg. This more condensed collagen combined with new collagen formed by fibroblasts in response to the thermal energy all work to tighten loose skin.

Again, anywhere you have loose skin, TriPollar and Forma can be used to tighten and firm the skin.

Nova Threads

Nova Threads are dissolvable sutures that are placed under the skin to build collagen and support the skin. Think of reibar inside concrete structures. The amazing thing about these dissolvable sutures is that they can be used  not only in the face but all over the body in so many ways.

I am using the Novathreads in combination with the bulk RF treatments of TriPollar and Formato tighten skin and improve laxity. These together are great for the neck, decollette, arms, legs, thighs, above the knees. I can place these threads in a hash tag fashion and build a mesh that literally supports the skin.

The Bottom Line

Want to look better when you wear less this summer? Come to MD Age Management where we have solutions for excess fat and loose sagging skin.

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