IPL with Morpheus
by Lynn H
If you have finally decided to research doing something special for your skincare needs – look no more! Dr Horton is a skincare guru! Don’t waste anymore time – make an appointment with Dr Horton. I just had my second IPL with Morpheus treatment. I am absolutely sold. Dr Horton will take great care of you! Book an appointment with Kayla, and treat yourself to one of the best facials in town!

by Wanda Ostlie
I had another great facial in the skin fitness program. This time I tried the skin tightening facial for face and neck, I saw improvement immediately and still several days later. I am very pleased.

Peel – working on fine lines and over all skin
by Peggy
The service was excellent and a pleasure to be treated… They are honest and try to help with what is needed to have good results…

Revision/correction procedure
by Asma
I had deep tissues damage from procedures done elsewhere. I found Dr Horton and his team to be compassionate as they listened to my experiences and tailored my treatment to correct the defect and made me feel at ease through the entire process. I am so fortunate to have found Dr Horton!!! I walked out of my treatment absolutely amazed!!!

by Diane
Dr. Is very pleasant, professional and he knows what he is doing. I feel more confident about my self. Thank you

Outstanding services
by Theresa Fielder
I couldn’t have made a better choice than getting my skin services with Dr. Horton. I’ve been to many different offices over the years for Fillers, Botox and other services but the excellent and honest consultation alone definitely left me feeling that this is the Doctor whose opinions I can trust. He was open and honest about what he thinks I do not need and things he could consider doing (without pushing unnecessary services). I will give Dr. Horton a 5 + star for his broad knowledge and that he indeed addressed each and every one of my concerns. From PDO threads to Lipo suction and many more. Thank you again!

Testosterone Supplementation
by Chuck
I appreciate Dr Horton seeing a concern in my bloodwork and alerting me to a potential problem.

The Best
by Kerri-Ann Reynolds
I love Dr Horton! He always knows that I need ❤️

by Rawlin Julius
I was super (and totally unnecessarily) nervous about doing my radio frequency facial because I had read some overhyped horror stories online about pain. In fact I almost didn’t do it at all. Dr. Horton takes his time in making the procedure virtually painless, very comfortable and I’m extremely happy with the results. I was in and out in a couple of hours and back home working the same day. I’m aware of some day spas that also do the procedure and went to one consultation where it was clear I was going to be rushed in and out like a drive-thru. Also the people doing the procedure were not physicians, but nurse practitioners who don’t have anywhere near the level of expertise or training. I wouldn’t do this with anybody but a highly qualified and experienced doctor like Dr Horton.

Couldn’t ask for more!
by Cindy
Always awesome service. Extremely informative, discusses new procedures and technology. I am thrilled with the results I am experiencing. What a Gem.

Mallory and Dr Horton are “The Best”
by W. O.
I had a fantastic facial today. Mallory does an incredible facial, leaving your skin radiant with a much improved texture that lasts! Doctor Horton has an amazing center where you can truly achieve your goals,

by Cindy
My partner asked me to thank Dr. Horton. 😉The Morpheus series of treatments have made a real difference in my pelvic floor health and sexual health as well. If you are on the fence about having feminine rejuvenation done, I can assure you that you will wonder why you waited so long! Non-invasive and Dr. Horton makes it so incredibly comfortable during the process! -Cindy

by CB
Great service from Dr Horton for Botox and Bella FIL

Above & Beyond
by Charli
Dr. Horton always goes above and beyond with the way he does his procedures and customer care he provides. I cannot stress enough how happy I am to have found him.Thank you Dr. Horton

Simply the Best!
by Lora
I met Dr Horton and immediately knew he was the right choice!! His practice is so nice!!! Upon entering this little renovated house I felt welcomed!! When I met him he made me feel so comfortable. I was looking to having my decollete rejuvenated from sun damage and aging. He suggested IPL with Morpheus (microneedling with radio frequency) The only discomfort was the needles used for numbing What I love about him is that he is there every step of the way. He has the best bedside manner. And he tells you everything before you begin!!! Cannot say enough about him!!!

by Jeniffer
Excelente! Superó todas mis expectativas. La oficina muy linda y organizada. El Dr. Horton es muy amable y el servició excelente. Superó todas mis expectativas.

Highly Recommend
I did research on face fillers for wrinkles and I decided to do Bellafill. When I went to Dr. Horton’s office for a consultation he explained everything about the different wrinkle fillers and Bellafill was definitely the one that I wanted. One week later Dr. Horton administered the first set of injections. I saw improvement immediately. Then four weeks later I received the second set of injections. I am so very pleased with the results I have received from the Bellafill filler. Thank you Dr. Horton for your wonderful care.

Dr. Horton – Highly Recommended
by Sherri
Quarterly visit with Dr. Horton and as always a totally awesome experience. Dr. Horton takes the time to listen to the needs, provides the right recommendations, always professional and is highly recommended.

Light and Tight
by Kim Gonzalez
First time trying both Morpheus and IPL. I was very numb during the treatment (didn’t need the ‘gas’ that is included, if needed, to make procedure easier) and it went quickly. The numbing is the longest part. My skin responded well and looked better the next week, when the spots came off. The firming part will come over time but I’d suggest that you not have to go anywhere after, as I couldn’t speak due to lip drooping from numbing! That was strange but please know that he will definitely numb you very well! This is where I go for all my anti-aging and improvements to my skin. I highly recommend him and he’s always adding to his list of services- check out the new and exciting options!

Best Choice
by Dayna
I’m so happy I found Dr. Horton! He is extremely knowledgeable and takes his time discussing your goals and options. He did an excellent job with my Bellafill, and the results are wonderful! I My skin tone is also improving with the IPL treatments. A little zap zap and my redness and age spots are disappearing. Don’t hesitate to meet with Dr. Horton to discuss treatments.

Quarterly visit
by Brenda
I was in today for my quarterly visit with Dr. Horton. As always, I received personal and superior care from Dr. Horton. He is the best without any doubt. I highly recommend Dr Horton.

Intense Pulsed Light Photo rejuvenation
by Simona
Dr Horton and his staff are amazing!! I truly believe this is the fountain of youth! A couple years ago I faced a serious health situation and had to go through very vigorous chemo therapy and cancer treatments, thank God I am done with all of that now and on my road to recovery! When I walked into Dr Horton’s office I looking tired and worn down… My skin was a mess and that made me feel even worse, after meeting with Dr. Horton he recommended various skincare treatments including IPL Intense Pulsed Light Photo rejuvenation. After my first treatment I immediately started seeing results! My skin now looks healthy, refreshed, brighter and smooth, I no longer look sick and sad  I highly recommend DR Horton and his team! Do yourself a favor and call them you don’t want to miss out on this fountain of youth!

EON treatment
by Lucy Hulsey
What a pleasant way to lose fat. Dr Horton is so concerned for his patients and has the latest medical devices to help them on their journey to looking their best. 20 minutes of cool breezes blowing on your tummy and fat cells being removed. What could be better? I cant imagine a better doctor to help women on their journey to being their best than Dr. Horton.

Dr. Hortons EON touchless robotic laser for fat reduction
by raecy
This is the best ever. Remember how it feels when you have been on the beach laying in the sun and your body is warm, and there is a nice cool breeze blowing over you? Well, that’s exactly what this feels like. It’s only 20 minutes, the robotic arm does everything, it’s so relaxing. I might suggest a nice pillow under your knees for a bit more comfort, and just relax. It’s the best. Raecy

Re-Check/Follow-Up AMAZING!
by Cindy
Just had a re-check appointment, and just like my initial appointment, all aspects were amazing! If you are looking for great aesthetic procedures – face/body, etc. and you came across MD Age Management during your searches, look no further. MD Age Management and Dr. Horton are the BEST! I couldn’t be more pleased… I have no doubt you will also be highly satisfied with your experience!

Always a good day
by Karen
It’s always a good day when I get to see Dr. Horton! His individualized care and concern for his patients is THE BEST. Want to feel better about what you see when you look in the mirror? GO SEE DR. HORTON!

by Susan
Dr. Horton was very thorough in his explanation of the what and why of the various procedures. He encourages questions and takes the time to answer them. Can’t wait to start!

44 year old woman
by 44 year old woman
I have had 2 Morpheous8 treatments paired with IPL along with some botox. The Morpheous8 can be very painful, but Dr. Horton performs the entire treatment himself from numbing to the radio frequency treatment. He makes sure I was sufficiently numb before proceeding with the Morpheous8. After 2 treatments, I look fresher and younger without looking over done. I trust Dr. Horton’s eye in deciding what to do to help improve the look of my skin.

Couldn’t be more Pleased with my results!
by Cindy
Highly recommend! I was doing “thorough” research on the threadlift process and fortunately came across MD Age Management. I am soooo pleased with my results thus far. Dr. Horton was very thorough in his explanations and communications about the procedure and what to expect. Amazing! I couldn’t be more thrilled and grateful. Thank you!

by Wanda Ostlie
An appointment with Dr Horton is always in your best interest. Besides his great skill and getting great results I always learn something new and helpful.

Acne Scarring
by Anonymous
Dr. Horton is amazing. Hes truly an artist and perfectionist. Very informative and knowledgeable. I had bellafill done for my acne scars and so far the results have been amazing.

by Lucy Hulsey
Dr. Horton is so reassuring and kind. I totally trust him with my care as he is so knowledgeable and wants his patients to be comfortable when with him. He is always there for concerns for neurotic patients like me who get in touch when afraid that something is wrong. Great doctor.

Dr. Horton is Amazing!
by Rachel Piersall
From the moment I walked in, Dr. Horton was so kind. This was my first time getting Botox and lip filler and I felt like I was in such great hands. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything to me which was refreshing. He was so gentle. It was almost painless! I am more than satisfied with my results. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Horton!

by AS
I recently had the Face-tite procedure with Dr. Horton. It was virtually painless and I had minimal down time. Within two weeks I can already see remarkable results!

Very happy with my results
by Romina
Dr. Horton is the best. So happy with my results. Thank you very much!

Recheck Dr Horton
by Lucy Hulsey
Dr Horton is the best. Always concerned for his patients. He is kind and considerate and knows how to make patients comfortable while helping them when the need arises

by Renata
I decided to check Dr. Horton for a Bellafill procedure . He helped me understand the process and pleased with my initial results.

Dr. Horton is Amazing!
by Marilyn Black
I have been a client of Dr. Hortons for over 3 years. Everything he has recommended both in treatments and products has been on point and produced great results! He is always candid about what you need to look and feel your best but will NEVER recommend more than you need. I’m so glad I found MD Age Management and Dr. Horton!

Personalized Caring
by Cindy Christmas
Dr. Horton sets himself apart from the others. He really looks at your skin, he sees with the eyes of someone who continually assesses the latest in skin care and knows what’s right for me. He is a true professional who knows the big picture and has consistently given me personalized service that really equates to personalized caring. I highly recommend Dr. Horton for all of your aesthetic needs.

by Lucy Hulsey
Dr. Horton was so helpful as I had a little issue of concern and he reassured me that all was ok.

Facial skincare
by Lucy Hulsey
Dr Horton is so thorough with his assessment of skincare needs. I look forward to using my products. Will be happy to give another assessment after using them.

by AJS
I have many different treatments here. I am extremely pleased with each and every result. He is the best!

by Wanda Ostlie
My experience today was excellent. I was very comfortable even though IPL is hot and stinging. I am getting excellent results and learning about the latest treatments in age management.

by Audrey
Wonderful. I feel so much younger! Worth every moment!

IPL Treatment
by Wanda Ostlie
I am so thrilled to have found Dr Horton. MD Age Management is a great approach to aging gracefully. Dr Horton is skilled, knowledgeable, kind and has been patient in explaining and helping me determine the best treatment for my needs. I highly recommend Dr Horton.

by Lisa
Dr Horton is WONDERFUL! Called the office and he got me in within an hour! Unheard of! Spent time and explained so much. Beautiful office and a very kind Dr.

Highly recommend Dr. Horton
by Brenda Davis
I’ve been a long-time patient of Dr Horton’s. He has always been open and honest with me, he clearly wants the best results. He spends whatever amount of time needed to help me feel comfortable as well as secure in decision making and treatment. The new office is beautiful and so comfortable.

by Wanda Ostlie
My experience with Dr Horton has been superb . He is highly skilled . His explanations and recommendations for treatment options are invaluable and what I have been needing. Thank you Dr Horton for making the aging process easier.

Dr. Horton – Highly Recommended
by Sherri De Lau
I have been a long time patient of Dr. Horton and he is absolutely wonderful. Dr. Horton truly cares about each patient, is genuine and honest and will only recommend what he feels is best for me any any patient using the latest industry standards. Dr. Horton is highly recommended!

Great products and care.
by LP
So refreshing when your doctor takes time to listen, and explain each possible procedure in length. I started with a facial with Mallory, she is a doll. My skin looks better already. And then chose which products would be best for my skin routine. I was impressed that Dr. Horton is candid about what you can expect, and how to take care of your skin. No Hollywood smoke and mirrors, just the best results that can be achieved. Can’t ask for better care than that!

Dr. Horton
by CB
I have been a patient of Dr. Horton for the past 6 years. I was a somewhat reluctant patient in the beginning, but am now ready for any procedure/treatment that he recommends for me! Dr. Horton is very professional, keeping abreast of the latest developments in this field. I enjoy going to his office to discuss our next plan of action for my age management. I love it when he says “beautiful” after a procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Horton and his staff. They are wonderful!

Love Dr. Horton!
by Karen Pelot
I found Dr. Horton by accident in 2018, and I’m so glad I did. He takes his time, listens, and looks intently at problem areas, to assure his recommendations and treatments accomplish intended results. Visiting Dr. Horton is like visiting a good friend – in fact, I consider him a good friend! The ambience of his office is so pleasant and it is comforting to know he brings his depth of experience as an MD to each visit. He considers the whole, as he considers what is best for his patients. I confidently recommend Dr. Horton!

Dr. Horton is the best
by Ashley
I have been a client here for over five years. My visits with Dr. Horton and Mallory are my “me” time and I look forward to them greatly! They want you to be the best “you” possible and help you to do so. Dr. Horton takes his time to explain treatment plans, options and cost clearly with me prior to committing. There is never any pressure that you may experience with others. I love the IPL facial treatments and if you haven’t gotten them yet – just do it. You know you are in good hands here.

Nonsurgical facelift
by Michelle P
I felt Dr. Horton sincerely cares about the results his patients get. This isn’t magic and it took nine months before I could really see the results.

by Melissa
Today I was privileged to have a last minute appointment with Dr. Horton. The moment I walked in Dr. Horton was incredibly hospitable. He took his time to go over a corrective affordable plan for me. Thank you so much Dr. Horton. He had suggested for me to start my anti aging journey with a derma planning facial with the ever so beautiful bride to be Mallory. Mallory was incredible! She led me up a flight of stairs to what I call the heavenly room with Mallory. The room was exceptionally warm and comforting. She pro-formed the derma plan treatment painless and actually quite relaxing. Mallory being an expert in the industry had suggested adding a delicious Pumpkin Peel to my treatment. WOW- The outcome was like Sugar and Spice. My face was glowing, I was incredibly happy and friends had asked me later what I was using on my face or what I had done because it looked so amazing. I definitely recommend MD AGE MANAGEMENT w/The incredibly knowledgeable Dr. Horton and Mallory. Trust me, any phase that your in for anti Aging, corrective or preventative facial rejuvenation journey. This is the place you can trust and look and feel years younger ❤️

Patient for over eight years
by Wendy
I cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Horton for continually keeping me looking my best yet not “artificial”! I am nearly 53 yet frequently thought to be 35-40! My favorite treatments are micro-needling and Bellafill. I am a happy “addict”!

Thank you
by Maranatha T
You’re THE BEST, Dr H!!! ❤❤❤

by Fon
Dr Horton, did a great job on my bodytite procedure. He explained everything step-by-step. This is day two after my procedure and I have very little pain thank you very much Dr. Horton

Dr. H cares
by Sandy
Dr. Horton takes the time to talk about options and truly wants his patients to be satisfied with the results! There are facilities closer to my home, but I will continue to make the trip to see Dr. Horton.

by Wanda Ostlie
Excellent experience.

Face Tite
by Lupe
Just got my face done with fillers, really love the natural look I have. Had a good experience with Dr. Jerry. Very talented and knowledgeable. Thank Dr. Horton❤️

Trustworthy, Friendly and Effective!
by Debbie
I am so pleased with the results of the procedures that were recommended to me based on my concerns. Dr. Horton is a very kind person who is clearly as invested as his patients in achieving desired results. He gives realistic advice and has the expertise and equipment to deliver. All of the other staff were very pleasant and helpful. I like the location, the atmosphere and the pricing! Can’t say enough good things.

IPL works wonders
by Caitlin Mitchell
I had the IPL treatment series recently to help with hyper pigmentation. I was hopeful, but not expecting any miracles. Not only am I incredibly satisfied with the results, I do a double take in awe when I catch myself in the mirror, stricken and in love with how flawless my skin looks. Like, truly, flawless. I never thought I’d be able to say that. It’s amazing. Thank you Dr. Horton!

by Donna
I am so happy with Dr Horton and his staff is fabulous! I have been seeing a dermatologist for several years and the care and caring (and results) are far superior here. They have me as a patient from now on. Thankyou Dr Horton ,Linda and Mallory‼️

Excellent first experience
by Caitlin Mitchell
This was my first experience with aesthetics and Dr.Horton was amazing. He made the entire process very comfortable and customized – he listened to my particular concerns and gave me his professional and honest opinion. The procedure was a cinch and I’m so satisfied with the outcome. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Horton to anyone interested in aesthetics.

Years and Inches melted away!
by Justin
Mid way through my IPL and Cool sculpting treatments and I can already see the difference. Dr Horton has taken years off my face and inches off my waist!

Excellent care
by Suzanne
Thank you Dr. Horton and great staff for the exceptional service and care. Dr. Horton gives the best procedure needed . I have been really happy with the results giving me a brighter skin tone, dark spots are gone, texture and elasticity is being restored. Thx, Suzanne

The BEST!!
by Lou
Dr. Horton came highly recommended to me for my anti-aging needs. Both he and his staff are delightful, and very helpful. His injection skills, laser technique and thread placement are some of the best I’ve seen. His goal is to reverse the clock a few years while remaining natural. He understands the aging face and body!! And he listens to your goals while offering suggestions. All of these attributes leave me a very happy patient. Thank you Dr. Horton for keeping us looking fresh and soft!!

Best In Central Florida
by L.R.
Incredible staff, great private atmosphere and the best in Central Florida. Dr. Horton is truly a genius and an artist!

Great Friendly Staff
by Trent
This is a wonderful office. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. They have many services for a variety of needs. The cool-sculpting is a very unique treatment with good results. I highly recommend them for any personalized service

by M Craig
This is a great office for your aesthetic needs. Monthly program for facial and skin tightening with radio frequency really works for me. Dr. Horton is a very skilled injector and it is worth meeting with him for a consultation to see what modalities they offer would work best for you. He really want his patients to achieve a natural look and takes time with you. The front office is great to work with and makes you feel at home. Highly recommend.

by Jesse
Professional and great staff! I originally visited Dr. Horton for an alternative to scar treatment and revision. After discussing a couple options, I chose to try the dermafiller Bellafill because it had most recently been FDA approved for scar treatment (2015) and, although it’s not labeled as permanent, patients have noticed results lasting 5, 8+ years after treatment. I have been looking for a filler that was more permenant and this seemed to be the best option for me. It has been more than a month since my first treatment and I couldn’t be happier with the immediate results. Between the excellent staff and care, and professionalism of Dr. Horton, I would highly recommend his practice to anyone.

Lose 5 years in one day!
by W.B.
Thanks to Dr. Horton, people are consistently surprised that I am over 50… With so many “tools in the toolbox”, he addresses the changing issues we face in the aging process, as individuals and over time. I highly recommend the Fractura/IPL treatment for improvement in skin texture and hyper-pigmentation. Don’t let the minimal discomfort scare you… it is worth it for long-lasting results!

by Brenda
I decided it’s past time to see if there’s anyway I can turn back a few years on this 65-year-old face. I was very nervous going to my first consultation with Dr. Horton but he was amazing at making it so incredibly easy. I so much appreciate the amount of time he spent designing a plan specifically for me. It was awesome that he Understood exactly my desire of looking fresher and younger and assured me that it is possible. I look forward to each and every step of this process. Thank you Dr Horton!

by LEO
I have been seeing Dr. Horton for several years now. I am a 57 year old male, and although I do not really consider myself to be vain, I do want to look better as I age. Dr. Horton and helped me in that department greatly. I constantly get comments that I do not look my age, and that makes me feel good and that being proactive has really made a huge difference in my appearance. I have had cool sculpting on my stomach and love handles, and after six weeks, the results are really beginning to show – very very happy about that. I have also had Botox (or a similar product) and those results are amazing. I have also had IPL for my sun damaged skin and again, the results are incredible. I am 100% impressed and happy with the results I have gotten, and Dr. Horton really takes the time to consider what will work best for me. Guys, if you want to look better and fresher, go see Dr. Horton.

by Nicole
Thank you so much for all your patience, kindness, care, and expertise when I visit your office. I do feel as though I’m in good hands, and I’m happy to have found a doctor who can address my anti-aging concerns. My results have been great so far!

by Carolyn, 55
I was initially fearful of CoolSculpting after reading some reviews online, but I was unhappy with certain areas of my body despite exercising everyday and eating healthy. Dr. Horton performed CoolSculpting on my belly and bra fat areas. It’s only been a few weeks and I’m starting to see the results. So much so that I’m back to do my upper arms. There was no bruising and only a little discomfort for a day. I would recommend Dr. Horton for anyone considering CoolSculpting it’s well worth it!

by Amber
Let me start off by saying I’m am over joyed by my experience at MD age management. I suffer from SEVERE acne. And have been seeing mallory for facials and peels. After the first 4 days I saw her I already started to see a difference, I couldn’t believe it. My skin is clear, I haven’t worn face makeup in weeks and I am more confident than ever. When I met with Mallory she explained in DETAIL everything I needed to know. And wrote down a regime for me. I will never go anywhere else. I have been seeing a dermatologist for 3 years and my acne actually became worse because my dermatologist only spent 5 minuets looking at my face and then moved on to his next patient. Mallory is amazing and if you are suffering from acne I would absolutely recommend going to see her! She’s professional and really took her time with me. The photos attached I took my self before I saw her and now 3 months after with no foundation or face makeup on. (iPhone 7plus camera) Thank you Mallory and MD age management for everything.

My 1st Coolsculpting Experience
by Linda
Dr. Horton just Coolsculpted my arms for summer….I never dreamed I could fall asleep while being treated! Can’t wait to see the results!

Coolsculpting of My Arms
by Betsy
I have to admit to a great deal of skepticism heading into my Coolsculpting treatment, but I am shocked by the profound difference in the appearance of my upper arms. My middle age arms can now be seen!

Better Intimacy
by Anonymous
Intimacy feels better than ever! Not something I thought possible at 48 years of age….but very enjoyable!

My Votiva Experience
by Betsy
My Votiva treatments have exceeded my expectations. After having two kids, stress incontinence was a humiliating feature of my aging process. Not only did I avoid having dangerous surgery, but the treatment was very tolerable and so effective. I can sneeze or cough without incident and may even be able to get on my kids’ trampoline!

Can’t say enough about MD Age Management
by Jennifer K.
I can’t say enough about MD Age Management. Dr. Horton is a true master of his profession and my skin has never looked better. If you are like me and don’t know where to begin when it comes to aesthetics then you have found the right place. Dr. Horton will take the time to explain the options and make recommendations for you based on your goals. I finally feel like the person I see in the mirror, and best of all it doesn’t look like I’ve had anything “done.” Linda is warm, welcoming and makes scheduling a breeze. I am so happy I found MD Age Management and you will be too.

My skin is happy!
by Meredith L.
Over the past year, I have been getting facials and microdermabrasion by Mallory at MD Age Management. She is both knowledgeable and passionate about skincare and it shows through in her work. I always leave each appointment relaxed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend Mallory and the rest of Dr. Horton’s team!

Improve my self image!
by Denise P
Dr.Horton is an amazing doctor. With his knowledge and experience he can determine what you need to regain a youthful apperence. He is qualified in so many areas af age management I think he is a true genius. He takes time to assess where you are starting, your goals for yourself, and then he develops a plan of action. I am currently under his care and believe me being around him and watching him work on you is like being in the presence of a great artist. He knows exactly what the best plan of action is after his assessment. I cannot believe I waited so long to improve my self image and to have all my positive energy match how I look. Dr. Horton is on the leading edge of medical procedures. After you meet with him during your initial consultation you will know you put yourself in the hands of the most qualified professionals you could ever meet. His staff is caring, and qualified in many areas as well. They are one of the greatest medical teams I have ever met. I am so happy with my decision to address looking to best I possibly can for the age I am at. It is never too early to get started. So do yourself the biggest favor of your life and make a call for an appointment now. I have nothing but the utmost respect and praise for this group. Sincerely, Denise P Kissimmee, Florida

One of the best decisions you will make!!!
by Simona R
I absolutely love going to Dr. Horton. He is knowledgeable in the latest technology with skin care, and is a certified MD. The staff is warm, welcoming and actually listen to your needs and concerns. I\’ve been going for a variety of treatments including Fractora. For the first time in my life instead of aging older, I am aging younger and my friends have noticed it as well. I will definitely recommend MD Age management

Very pleased!
by Kaye
Dr. Horton and his staff are caring, professional, and knowledgeable. I look forward to my visits with them, and have seen positive results. Neuromodulators, IPL treatments, Tripollar, and DermaFrac have all benefitted my skin\’s appearance. Additionally, I am a member of the Skin Fitness Program, through which I enjoy monthly facials at a discounted rate. I wholeheartedly recommend MD Age Management!

by Tab Bish
Today more than ever guys are working on staying younger; I am one of those guys. Dr Horton does a great job of balancing my desire to look younger with looking authentic. I look real, feel younger and almost no one pegs me for my real age. He is truly amazing!

Dr. Horton Is So Caring And Considerate.
by Paul Kirkhuff
So happy with the results. What a confidence builder.

by Bettyann Sahatjian
I have been in aesthetics for many years and can’t say enough about the skill of Dr. Horton. I had the threading procedure done around my lips and in my top and bottom lip and could have gone out immediately after. The results are remarkable and instant there was no bruising just much smoother skin much less visible lines. I would love to do more of this procedure would recommend this office to anyone who needs instant results!!

by Jo Ann
Dr. Horton and his staff are always professional and knowledgeable. As I’m aging I feel like I need all the help I can get!

My husband says I look years younger
by Sandy W.
I have had procedures before, but the Fractora was by far the most effective. My husband says I look “years younger.” I’m very happy with the results of all the treatments.

The results are amazing!
by Robert C.
Skin care has always been an important daily practice and fortunately, I was introduced to Dr Horton while attending his Fractora seminar. He is a licensed medical doctor and the wealth of knowledge he freely shares, would benefit the most cautious person to choose his skin care clinic over any ‘spa’. In addition, he employees the finest staff with nursing and clinical training. Karen and Sheri teach you ‘the why’ behind any procedure they provide and the benefits of using pharmaceutical products to maintain and improve the quality of your skin. Over the past years I have elected several procedures and the results are amazing! AesthetiMED is Central Florida’s best asset to revitalize the younger you and maintain optimum skin care.

The office is lovely
by M. Craig
Having been involved in the Aesthetic industry as a consultant, I have seen numerous practices. Dr. Horton is one of the most skilled filler injectors I have seen, and has brought in great skin and body rejuvenation devices. He has an “artist’s” eye and wants to give the most natural look possible. The office is lovely, and Sheri and Karen are excellent, skilled estheticians. I feel very fortunate that Dr. Horton is in the area where I live and I can have him as my Aesthetic Physician. Sheri is currently helping my daughter with her acne issues, and what an improvement!

I highly recommend this place!
by Stephanie H.
I highly recommend this place! I get microderms and peels to help with acne scarring and dark spots and even after my first treatment some dark spots were completely gone!! They work with really great products. Sheri has been so awesome she is very knowledgeable about all the products and can tell you exactly what is going on with your skin, which treatment she knows will work and explains why they will work . You can tell how much they care and how passionate about skin they are! Sheri always is checking up with me and my skin and is always there to help with skin advice even outside of an appointment which shows me she really cares about accomplishing my goals as much as I do. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

You will not regret it
by Wendy B.
I have been a patient of Dr. Horton’s for over three years. I am almost 50 and regularly receive positive comments from complete strangers down to my children (if teenagers/twenty-somethings notice improvement that is saying something!). I was not one of those who started with beautiful skin either… wrinkles, large pores, marionette creases, freckles, basal cell scarring… All of these issues are vastly improved. Being an MD with a very artistic eye, his approach is multidimensional employing various procedures over time along with product usage to create natural yet dramatic effects. He also understands how to best stretch a budget when laying out a treatment plan. I arrived at Dr. Horton’s door due to the beautiful results he achieved on a dear friend of mine so I have seen great improvement from his work not only on myself but in others. Take his advice. You will not regret it.

This place is great
by Naresh M.
This place is great. I started going here on a mission to get rid of my acne scaring. Before coming here, I went to many different places getting microdermabrasions and peels but every time it felt like the person performing these did not know how it would help me. However, coming here, I feel like Dr.Horton and Jessica are very knowledgeable and on board with my mission, they’re here to make sure I accomplish perfect skin!

I was there for an hour and had a great time
by Patrick M.
I have been wanting to get my BMI measured for a while now to see how much body fat I have. So when I heard from a friend that AesthetiMed was offering a free measurement along with information about improving my health I jumped on it. I was greeted by Dr. Horton and other guests right when I entered and it was obvious right away that everyone was there to have fun. My Body Mass Index (BMI) was measured and I learned how to interpret all the information on my personal printout. For a few minutes afterwards we got some interesting information from the Doc about how our hormones change as we age and what affect it has on our body and the way we feel. There was never any sales pressure to purchase anything at any time, and they told us about natural methods they use to combat the aging process. All in all, I was there for an hour and had a great time.

Thanks Dr Horton
by Pegy A.
Thanks Dr Horton, I really think my skin looks fresher and healthier with the Fractora skin treatments