Acne scars may appear in your teenage years and last your whole life. There are several kinds of acne scars and there are treatments for all of them. It is no longer necessary to keep your scars forever. As a person ages, the scars may become darker and more noticeable because the skin loses collagen, the protein that gives skin elasticity and strength. It is important to get the right treatment for each type of scar, and when you consult with our specialist in Winter Park, you may learn about your best options.

Before starting an acne scar treatment, your acne needs to be cleared. Acne means inflammation, which will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. First, your acne scars need to be diagnosed. Depressed scars called atrophic scars are the type that usually forms on the face. They include boxcar, rolling and icepick scars. Raised scars or hypertrophic scars are more commonly seen on the chest or back.

Acne that penetrates deeply into the skin damages the deeper layers. When the inflammation starts to subside, the body begins to repair the damage by producing collagen. If it produces too little or too much, a scar is formed. When too much collagen is produced, a raised scar forms and when too little is produced, a depressed scar forms. Superficial acne such as whiteheads and blackheads usually do not leave scars if they are not picked and prodded. However, no matter how well some people care for their skin, they will scar if they get a deep inflammation.

Before committing to acne scar removal with us in Winter Park, FL, it is important for you to have realistic expectations. Some people in Orlando, FL and the surrounding area want the scars to be reduced in appearance and other people want them gone completely. If you choose to get acne scar removal treatment, our specialist will create a treatment plan that is tailored to your personal needs. The plan will consider where the scars are on your body and what type of scars you have. In some cases, more than one treatment will be recommended.

There are a few causes for acne scars. Heredity is the main cause. If you have a member of your family who developed acne scars, you are at risk of developing them too. Fortunately, teenagers and adults with acne scars may be able to remove them completely with one or more acne scar treatments at MD Age Management in Winter Park. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more information!

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