Spider veins are enlarged blood vessels that can appear on your legs, ankles, face, and chest. They tend to resemble spider webs, hence the name. Spider veins treatment can reduce their appearance and in some cases remove them completely. While your spider veins may be harmless, they may hinder your aesthetic and cause discomfort if you stand for long periods. There are several methods of spider veins treatment and our specialist will help you find the one that is suitable for you.

A good candidate for spider veins treatment is someone who has spider veins that are unsightly and embarrassing. It helps to have realistic expectations about the outcome. Our team will help you thoroughly understand what spider veins treatment can do for you so you are satisfied with the results. You need to be committed to following professional instructions both before and after the procedure.

What is Sclerotherapy and How Does It Work?

Sclerotherapy is a spider veins treatment that involves an injection directly into the spider vein. The injection is a special chemical solution that damages the tiny veins. As a result, the vein collapses and is gradually absorbed by the body. Some spider veins need more than one injection to disappear completely, but it is a very effective treatment. No anesthesia is needed and the minimally invasive treatment is done in our offices.

What Causes Spider Veins in the Legs?

There are several reasons you may develop spider veins starting with heredity. If your parents or grandparents have them, there is a good chance you will too. Other causes are:

• Pregnancy
• Prolonged sitting or standing
• Weight fluctuations
• Hormonal shifts
• Trauma or injury
• Varicose veins

Your Consultation

When you talk to our staff in Orlando, FL, you can discuss any problems you have with your spider veins. You should mention if you have had any previous vein treatments and if you are taking any prescription medication, dietary supplements or herbal remedies. We will evaluate your overall health and discuss the likely outcomes. If your spider veins are in your legs and ankles, we may test for underlying conditions such as varicose veins, ulcers, swelling and discoloration of the skin. It is possible to have varicose veins under the skin that do not show, but they may be producing symptoms. It is also important to make sure you don’t have any deeper vein problems.

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