This FDA-approved dermal filler is specifically designed to minimize the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines throughout the face. Unlike many other injectables, Bellafill® is classified as a long-term treatment option. The body absorbs Bellafill® so you may need more injections several months after your initial treatment. Here is a quick look at just a few of the benefits of this long-term injectable filler.

What is an Injectable Filler?

One of the most effective ways to treat fine lines and wrinkles is to “fill out” the area with an injectable. Almost all of the injectables that are currently on the market are made from substances that the body naturally flushes out after a certain amount of time. Many of them also trigger the production of vital proteins like keratin and elastin. Over the course of a few months, the results begin to fade away as the substances are naturally metabolized.


A Bellafill® injection is filled with millions of microspheres that create a platform for your body’s natural proteins. Those microspheres will continue to draw in collagen and other amino acids that keep your skin firm and toned. For deep nasolabial folds, the results generally last for several months. Dr. Horton will be able to discuss a treatment plan with you to help you stay looking radiant.

The Bellafill® Process

Injecting this product is a quick and easy procedure that usually takes 20 or 30 minutes to complete. No anesthetics are needed for Bellafill® because this product already contains a small dose of lidocaine. Within moments of the injections, your skin will become numb and relaxed. For smaller treatment sites, we usually only have to carry out four or five injections. Once the injections are complete, you can immediately resume all normal activities. You will need to avoid extremely strenuous exercises for a few hours so that the microspheres have time to settle.

Your First Set of Treatments

Even though Bellafill® is highly effective, most patients need two or three appointments to achieve the best results. In between those appointments, we suggest that you protect your skin as much as possible. Sun damage and acute injuries could impact the results or cause adverse side effects. Once your final appointment is complete, you should keep a close eye on your skin for at least a few weeks. For severe blemishes, you might want to schedule additional treatments.


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