For individuals seeking cosmetic support to achieve their ideal physique, CoolSculpting is the way of the future. No longer are patients hindered in their weight loss efforts by genetics or particularly hard to diminish areas of adipose tissue. Instead, under the care of our talented team at MD Age Management in Winter Park, FL, near Orlando, FL, patients can enjoy enhancing their natural shape without enduring uncomfortable treatments or surgeries.

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary non-invasive cosmetic treatment created to remove unwanted adipose tissue from specific areas of your body. Through intense, controlled freezing of the targeted tissue section, fat cells are destroyed. The surrounding tissue remains undamaged, as adipose tissue is far more vulnerable to damage from severe temperatures than other tissues. Your body will effortlessly eliminate the dead cells in the weeks following the treatment.

Technically referred to as cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting is paired with BodyFX at our locations to provide patients with optimal fat reduction results. The BodyFX treatment serves to contour the targeted areas through suction-coupled negative pressure, deep tissue heating, and radiofrequency energy. Additionally, BodyFX helps tighten the skin in the areas where fat was removed, preventing sagging and the appearance of excess skin.

Craft Your Ideal Aesthetic

While a healthy diet and structured exercise regimen work well to improve your health and total body fat percentage, diet and exercise alone often cannot create the physique you envision. Diet and exercise cause fat loss to be generalized, resulting in fat remaining in unwanted areas even after diligent efforts to lose it.

To lose adipose tissue from specific body zones, methods such as cryolipolysis paired with BodyFX can succeed where other weight loss techniques fail. By eliminating fat cells and smoothing out of remaining tissue, cryolipolysis can help you attain the figure you’ve been trying to achieve.

The Science of Cryolipolysis

Although the idea of freezing away fat can sound too good to be true, the science holds up, and as a result, individuals are flocking to this method of fat removal. This treatment is effective because the chemical structure that compromises fat tissue is dissimilar to the chemical structure of skin tissue. Skin, and many other tissues, consist mainly of water, while fat tissue is made primarily of lipids.

The lipids in fat tissue will become frozen at a higher temperature than water, and when the fat cells freeze, they crystalize and die. However, skin and other water-based cells do not crystallize at this temperature and maintain their integrity. Therefore, when a CoolSculpting device is used, the targeted area is cooled just enough to destroy fat cells while preserving the non-adipose tissue near the fat cells.

Effortless Appointments

Cryolipolysis treatments are typically short and seamlessly fit into your day. Although each patient is unique and will have different goals and body zones being targeted, most single sessions last from a half-hour and an hour. To serve clients more efficiently, MD Age Management can schedule your consult and treatments on the same day, and evening and weekend appointment times are available to accommodate even the busiest schedules.

No Recovery Time

Cryolipolysis offers the convenience of requiring no time off from work or away from daily activities such as other more invasive fat removal methods. In addition, individuals who cannot undergo surgery find this treatment to be a practical and safe method of transforming their bodies. Finally, patients who are nervous to consider specific cosmetic treatments due to fear of discomfort can also rest easy, as cryolipolysis is a painless way of eliminating fat tissue.

The Ideal Candidate

Nearly everyone can be an ideal candidate for this non-invasive treatment method. Both women and men looking to remove adipose tissue from specific areas of their bodies should plan a consultation with one of our caring practitioners. They’ll discuss your goals and medical history at this consultation to ensure cryolipolysis is a suitable treatment for you.

Ongoing Results

After your cryolipolysis treatment has frozen and killed the targeted fat cells, your body will eliminate them through normal waste processes. However, the ultimate result does not appear instantly, as your body needs time to absorb and eliminate the fat cells. Most patients will start seeing results around the two-week mark, although exceptions can occur due to variations of metabolic processing in each individual.

After you have started seeing results from your treatment, you can expect to continue to see increased slimming and smoothing of the area over the next two months. Patients adore the sensation of growing slimmer and more confident in their appearance with each passing day.

Lasting Change

One of the numerous benefits of cryolipolysis is that once fat cells have been frozen and eliminated, they cannot return. This fact means that as long as patients continue to implement healthy diet and lifestyle habits, their results will be long-term. Although cryolipolysis cannot prevent your body from developing new fat stores, you can always choose to treat any new areas that occur.

Don’t let your dream body be simply a dream; let CoolSculpting with BodyFX make your ideal physique a reality. Schedule a consultation with one of our skilled care providers today at MD Age Management, located in Winter Park, FL, near Orlando, FL. We can’t wait to help you feel and look like your best self.

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