Xeomin is an FDA-approved anti-aging injectable featuring the active ingredient known as incobotulinumtoxinA. It is similar to other neuromodulators, like Botox and Dysport, but the neurotoxic protein used is delivered without accessory proteins, making it ideal for certain types of people. Today, our aesthetic experts at MD Age Management in Winter Park, FL, conveniently located just eight miles from Orlando, FL, discuss where this drug can be used.

Where Can You Get Xeomin Injections?

Between the Eyebrows

Xeomin was first designed to treat moderate-to-severe folds that occur between the eyebrows. Also known as frown lines or glabellar lines, these folds do not go away without treatment and worsen whenever you frown. To correct frown lines, 10 to 25 units of the innovative protein are necessary because the muscles between the eyebrows are so strong and large.

Around the Eyes

Xeomin can also be used around the outside of the eyes to treat crow’s feet. These lines worsen when you squint but never go away without professional treatment, no matter how much you try to relax the muscles around your eyes. Since the muscles on the outside of your eyes are smaller than the muscles between your eyebrows, you will only need between five and 15 injections on each side to improve your appearance drastically.

Around the Mouth

You can also use this treatment to improve the appearance of your smile. It can be injected into the muscles above the upper lip to relax them and make the upper lip appear larger and plumper. Alternatively, three to six units can be injected into the corners of the mouth to erase the wrinkles around the mouth so you can smile without worrying about smile lines deepening.

The Forehead

The forehead is another common Xeomin injection location. Your forehead muscles are very large and strong so 10 to 30 units are required to smooth the folds away. However, it is important to understand that you will still be able to make completely normal facial expressions. For example, you can raise one or both of your eyebrows in astonishment or perplexion and frown. The injectable prevents muscle hyperactivity, not muscle movement.

Above the Eyebrows

Some people don’t get frown lines between their eyebrows but find that their eyebrows sag, making them look older and more tired than they actually are. Just two to five units of this injectable medication above each eye will lift the eyebrows, making you appear younger, happier, and more rested. You may find that people are friendlier towards you if you get this non-invasive brow lift because they feel more respected due to your apparent attentiveness.

Around the Nose

People also commonly experience lines around the nose, known as nasalis lines or bunny lines. The muscles around the nose only require five to 10 units to relax these muscles that are far smaller and weaker than your forehead muscles. The results of treatment around the nose will also last longer than the results of a forehead treatment because the muscles aren’t used as often.

Around the Chin

Do you feel self-conscious about your dimples? If you do, you’re not alone. This medication can be injected around your chin to erase dimples with just two to six units. The results of this treatment will last four months but they can last forever if you come in for treatment every few months. Even better, when you receive treatment regularly, you need fewer doses as the hyperactive muscles “atrophy.”

Once the treated muscles atrophy, they will not cause wrinkles as much as they used to. After a couple of years of treatment (six to eight sessions), you may find that you only need one or two sessions per year to maintain your smooth complexion. Furthermore, since this injectable does not contain accessory proteins, your immune system will not build up a natural immunity to the toxic protein and treatment will not stop being effective over time.

The Jaw

This neurotoxic protein works wonders when it is injected into the jaw. Not surprisingly, the jaw muscles are very strong, so you will need 40 to 60 units of medication to relax these muscles. However, the injections are well worth it as they can treat TMJ and soften the appearance of a square jaw. If anyone has ever told you that you have a masculine jaw, this is the perfect treatment for you.

The Neck

Your neck muscles are incredibly strong. When they are hyperactive, they can cause extremely deep lines to appear. When left untreated, excess muscle growth can occur and the extra muscles must be removed with an invasive procedure to recreate an attractive neck. You don’t have to let yourself get to that point, though. With just 25 to 50 doses, you can erase pesky necklines and maintain your feminine appearance.

Discover if You’re a Good Candidate Today

Xeomin is an innovative neuromodulator that can be injected into virtually any hyperactive muscle. Although it is not yet as well-known as other neuromodulators, its differences put it head and shoulders above similar alternatives. To find out if you’re a good candidate for this type of muscle-relaxing injectable, please contact us today at MD Age Management in Winter Park, FL to schedule an appointment with one of our aesthetic experts.

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